The Quest of Quinns


Watched the introduction. Not entirely sure what to make of it, but I have the pit-of-my-stomach feeling that it might be intended to be funny.

I’m assuming in about 5 years he’ll meet a man called Paul Dean?

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Explanation, for those of us not getting newsletters and things, here:

For now I’ve told the autoposter to drop videos into the SU&SD section of Boardgames. It could be made its own section, or we could decide to drop it.


Part of me never thought I’d see Quinns hand over the reins, but at the same time, I feel he’s been more and more in the background of SU&SD anyway. I suppose you can only review board games for so long before some of the passion is gone.


I’ve had a different perspective. I’ve felt that Quinns was less active in SUSD content over the last couple of years and, part of that, I felt that perhaps he wasn’t feeling the passion for it that he used to (I’m not sure he ever got over the community backlash to his coverage of Blood on the Clocktower?). I’ve suspected for some time that he would find another project to follow whatever his current passion(s) is(/are).

It makes me sad, though, because Quinns was the member of the team that I most enjoyed watching and listening to. Personality wise, I suspect I’m closest to Presenter Emeritus Paul, and then it’s not much of a surprise to think that Quinns would be the counterpoint/contrast that I would need to “get outside” of my own head when looking critically at games.


With Quinns formally changing his position within the site to ‘contributor’

Wow, did not see that coming.

I mean, I did, I was quite surprised to see Quinns and Matt and Tom all getting on so well in the top100 video because of the sense of Quinns’ withdrawing that’s been building for a while, but this does mark a new era in SUSD where it’s neither of the originals running it.

I’m not worried about the future, Tom is just amazing. I’m not surprised he’s wrestling with “comparison” worry, so just want to make clear that I mean the idea of Tom, Emily and Matt (and Pip?) with Quinns as a contributor is totally awesome, just a bigger change than some folks will have expected.

“3 vids in 4 weeks to maintain the quality” sounds great too.


That’s more or less what I meant. He had been putting out less and less content, so it’s not a surprise that he’s stepping back to just a part-time contributor. But that doesn’t change the fact that part of me expected him to be fully involved with it forever.


Things change I guess. I’ll miss Quinns, but I think SUSD is in good hands. And I’m interested in Quinns RPG reviews. I may have a few RPG books in my Kallax, but I’ve never actually played one, apart from Alice Is Missing, which we had fun with, but not sure if my group is up for another game.


I mean, he’s been doing this since… [checks their first episode where they talk about Citadels]

2011! 13 year is a very long time.


Those of you who also know the People Make Games YouTube channel will have seen his two recent videos into more active roleplaying:

We Roleplayed the End of the World with 4000 Other People

The Murder Game Revolution That Has Gripped China


Where is actually Ava? She doesn’t get mentioned in the post at all.

I haven’t kept up with SUSD in the last years, so maybe I missed something. Haven’t seen as much Matt on the thumbnails when they appeared in my RSS feed.

I don’t think they’ve ever had a “who we are” page.

Last time I remember seeing Ava was in the Hamlet review in May 2023.

It sounded like the team was pushing her to get in front of the camera more. It’s possible that she tried it and decided it wasn’t a good fit for her.

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I actually asked about Ava in the comments under the post on their webpage. Apparently Ava got a full-time job, and did not have the time to keep doing stuff for SU&SD.

Per Tom:

That last bit also goes along with what @pillbox stated, as Ava was always great with written content, but SU&SD kinda veered away from that for videos and podcasts, with maybe one written entry a month, which just kind of gave a bit of a preview for the month.


I wish she got a farewell post :slight_smile:


I thoroughly enjoyed Ava’s writing; I’ll miss that (along with SUSD’s written pieces in general – it was sad seeing them gradually abandon that facet of their output when they were so good at it). AFAIU videos make them money and written pieces don’t, so it ended up being “just videos”.

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Can’t blame Quinns, he’s being doing SUSD for so long now he was bound to need to step back at some point. I’m glad they’ve been clear about what’s going on as there’s been speculation for a while now.

Tom has done a great job, and more Pip on the podcast is great news as currently the Tom/Pip combo is my favourite bit of SUSD content right now.

Quinns Quest doesn’t interest me in the slightest sadly, so I’ll miss seeing his content but hey ho.