The Plan - A play by committee game

Here is the game thread for The Plan

The Plan is a committee game designed by Jim Wallman, the designer of many megagames, including watch the skies…

(More to follow)


As you ministerial motorcade weaves through the streets, your driver tunes into the local radio station.

…to recap, as a result of Silvanian aggression over their annexation of the small independent country of Krim, the Government called for the withdrawal of Silvania troops from Krim with a deadline of midnight last night.

The Silvanians have refused to withdraw, and as a consequence Freedonia and Silvania are now at

Of course, war plans have existed for some time, and this is the first meeting of the War Committee
which will review Freedonia’s plans and prepare to commence war operations.

@TomNowell @JGD @RogerBW @Chewy77 @Griffster77 @pillbox @DJCT if you are happy to go ahead I will send you your individual intelligence reports to read in the car.


Happy to have a read

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I’m still in for this.

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Still in for this (I was just going to post, “Still in” but apparently posts have to be at least 10 characters)

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Please do. I hope Mrs. Teasdale is feeling generous.


Ready and waiting (new arrival)

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All Good. I was enjoying the wait after you posted the thread as that is very typical of committees I know …


Please proceed!

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Whilst we await confirmation from Griffster…

The First briefing in your diplomatic pouch is a general military overview of the current situation.

(This gives you your first information about how the game is played, and the most basic of rules.)

Neither side seems to have any fighter aircraft. Nor are there any aerial reconnaissance forces. Is that correct?

You are correct about the lack of fighter craft.

The Air Force has reconnaissance information, but that information is relayed directly to the Air Force Chief.

Right-oh. How are the committee posts allocated?

It’s a good question.

Depending on how many people we have, one of the posts (The last on the list, I believe,) will be run as part of the facilitators job.

Once we get confirmation of numbers I’ll give every one a pm to ask for a role they’d like and a role they definitely don’t want and then I’ll allocate in a way to make people as happy as I can.

OK. What’s the approximate technology level? 1930s? Earlier? Later? It makes a significant difference to the performance of the submarines, and thus the difficulty of finding and sinking them.

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Relative range, lethality and other information such as speed and refuelling capabilities are part of the head of the navy’s personal briefing.

Yes Im in.

Sorry, did two children’s birthday parties yesterday (one of which was for my youngest) so I was shattered and didnt look at phone


I have preference in from almost everyone. I will feed it into the supercomputer tomorrow.


Freedonia prevails!

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Forgot to answer an earlier question, although a simplistic setting, the time frame is loosely associated with the 1930s/1940s.

(Television exists, but we are in a pre nuclear age.)