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Source: Take Tricks to Make Pies, Collect Mushrooms, Go on Pilgrimages, and More | BoardGameGeek News | BoardGameGeek

Best to read the article itself. As it contains several titles within it. Taiki Shinzawa and Sean Ross are designers that I am more familiar to. Haggis is perhaps Ross’s most well known title. (see below for the reprint news)

Most interesting to me is Mike Hutton - more popular for his two 18xx titles - planning to publish his other game he designed called Pilgrim with a “very short print run”.


Sean Ross’s Haggis will be reprinted by Portland Game Collective - I have got Five Three Five and Bridge City Poker recently so I’m keen to have them played. Haggis is something I have playedn and I would play Haggis with 2 or 3 players if I don’t have enough to play Tichu with 4 players.


Out of interest how did you get PCG’s games?

They’re doing the English version of Tricktakers, an asymmetric trick taking game.

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Kickstarter. Unideal but that’s their only avenue.

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We played Yokai Septet for the first time this week. Team based trick taking ticks a lot of boxes. It’s really clever and definitely had the ‘let’s re deal and go again’ vibe that good card games have. I think it will improve as we find a meta as well.


Thanks for this thread btw. I’m a big fan of Haggis (although I’ve only played it on BGA). 2&3 player versions of Tichu are very welcome and the management of knowing you have a bomb is really cool. Will definitely get the reprint, even if just to reward the designer and publisher.

Dou Dizhu (Fight the Landlord) is another cool 3 player climbing game that you can play with a standard deck.


I should also say, a lot of these games come from odd places with short print runs. I’m definitely up for group buying from other people’s recommendations to save on postage costs

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Found a couple of Geeklists where you can play some trick takers/shedders (and other games) with a Sticheln/Stick Em deck. Take note though: I believe the newer Capstone edition got a different number of cards compare to the older editions

Many Games for the Price of One!: The Definitive “Games that Can Be Played with a Sticheln Deck” GeekList | BoardGameGeek

Games Playble with a Sticheln deck, Please Add | BoardGameGeek

I’m looking for some lists of traditional and modern trick-takers that can be played with the standard 52-card set. Catchy!, which I talked about in the Last Games You’ve Played thread was played with a standard 52. I’ll post them here when I find them

Bremen, which is in my grail list, can be played with 4 cheap copies of bicycle cards with different card backs.


Boast or Nothing could be reasonably proxied with a Stick Em deck and a few tokens

Yeah, I’ll eye out for the KS then


I think the canonical “you can play a bunch of games with this” deck that I’ve met is Rage, six suits numbered 0-15 (plus some special effect cards). (I have a set for this reason, though I’ve never played the game itself.) Parade has six suits 0-10. Looks as though Sticheln is 0-18 in six suits, so maybe I should get a copy. :slight_smile:


I was looking at this yesterday:

The deck has 6 suits. Ranks are 1-10, with the 2-9 cards all having dual suits.

Structural features of the Decktet - The Decktet Wiki has more info, and there’s a PDF of the cards on the main site under the “print your own” heading.

Trick-taking games for this deck are listed at Games Listed by Category - The Decktet Wiki


Yeah, I’ve love one of them, but $10 for the cards plus $16 untracked shipping…

Rage deck, eh? Games playable with Rage deck (not the CCG) - please add! | BoardGameGeek

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More trick-taking news.

Has anyone played Potato Man? Looks interesting and pretty approachable for less experienced trick-taking players, which is who I’m mostly gaming with. The old version is also pretty cheap and easily available here.


Just noting the predecessors of For Northwood!.

In reverse chronological order:

See also Recent Boardgames (Your Last Played Game Volume 2) - #7250 by Phil


Tall Tales by Daniel Newman (New Mill Industries) — Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign for a trick taker called Tall Tales


What’s the shipping usually like on a trick taker?

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Lots of trick taking/ climbing games are on BGA. Losing the tactility is a shame, but they do work (ideally real time, but have played a lot async as well).

Off the top of my head
Tichu 4 player, teams of 2
Haggis - 2 or 3 player
Dou Dizhu - 3 player
Yokai Septet - the 4 player team version definitely, but 3 irl as well
Belote - not sure on player count

If anyone fancies trying anything I’m generally up for a game

42 trick takers listed on BGA

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