The Crowdfunding Thread

I think you’re right to go for it. If you regret missing first and still want the thing when it comes back that’s about as decent a sign that you should pull the trigger imo.


So all play are doing a redone version of dice fishing roll and catch which might be the most convenient way of getting that game outside of games shows and probably has some adjustments. It’s called “lure”

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I’m on the fence with this one. Flash Point is a game that my partner enjoys; I brought up that there’s a game in the series and it’s a legacy game (she doesn’t know what that means, because we haven’t been able to start Pandemic Legacy Season 0, which I bought as a way for both of us to experience “legacy” for the first time, but that’ll likely become Ticket to Ride Legacy once I buy that for her).

She asked “will it be something you can buy at a store after the Kickstarter thing?” and I, among other tangents, explained that “yeah, probably” but that my primary interest in the crowdfunding campaign would be to get the Veteran/Dog and Tragic Events expansions – which I’m really not sure if those will be available.

So I’m thinking I’ll skip it (let’s be honest, I have almost all of the expansions for the original FP:FR and we haven’t played any of them. Actually, I think, my partner has only played the “Expert” (non-Family) rules once.)

Here’s hoping the Tragic Events expansion makes it to FLGS/OGS.


If IB&G’s presence at US shows is anything like what they do at Essen, they may have some spare expansions.


In the campaign? They are. At retail? I dunno. I don’t think they were intended to be KS exclusive but it’s been ages and I don’t recall. Or at least, the Tragic Events wasn’t, I don’t think?


Had an email to say that payment details for the Haggis and Tricktakers group buy should be sent this week, with fulfilment not far behind.

I’m guessing I’ll get a price that will include the games, shipping and customs, and then I’ll have to work out the UK shipping after I get everything.


Tragic Events wasn’t a KS exclusive but they didn’t print a whole lot of extras. It’s been notoriously hard to find nearly from the beginning.

A number of people have been asking “can I do a $1 pledge and get obscure expansions as add-ons”, but apparently the answer is no.


I was very surprised to see a slightly dusty looking but perfectly ok new copy of Tragic Events in my (friendly, but small and not exactly well-stocked) local game shop a year or two ago. Naturally I bought it.

With that and the Extreme Danger box jam-packed full of expansion boards, I’m pretty sure I have enough Flash Point: Fire Rescue now!


Galactic Renaissance has arrived.

I will always grumble about the inflated prices for the extras (let’s just say this piece of plastic is worth $10, and then tell you what a deal you are getting only paying $5 for it) and the inefficiency of kickstarter shipping. But man am I excited for this box.

It is beautiful. And the planet tiles are all chunky and evocative. The specialist cards are intriguing and suggestive (of in-game gambits).

Something about this game just darn excites me.

I understand that they sent out prototypes for early reviews to support the kickstarter campaign. And then made changes based on negative points in those reviews. I’m still a little unclear on what the final product was so that’s the question mark remaining in my head.

We’ll see!


Anyone jumping on the Shogun reprint/revision?

It’s a game I have frequently nearly bought. Now we can add nearly backed.

I think I only wanted it on deep discount. Plus I’m theoretically not buying anything still.


I was mildly interested in the deluxe components, but the tier of that only is already sold out. I am waffling on the improved tower, as the one that comes with the game does feel very cheap, but it works and I am not sure the game comes out enough to need to worry about it.


Holy crap the upgrade is $80!? That’s a bit more than I paid for the entire game!


… years ago. But still. Gods, that’s a steep price for a game I pull out once a year…

Ah well. Maybe I’ll get a copy at work in a few years, replace the one I have.

I’ve played with the expansion once and I really wasn’t a fan, but again, that’s probably only because I play so infrequently.


Humbly requesting that a link always be provided whenever a crowdfunding campaign is first mentioned in this thread.


A tile-placement railway game? Nobody’s ever done one of those before!

(KS “soon” from Horrible Guild.)


That name is terrible. It’s like that actual lol said about zoo vadis. Just this kind of vague link to the original name which made sense.

(Unless I’m missing the actual joke)


Shogun is a good game and I’ve enjoyed the couple of times I’ve played it. But it stays on the table too long for what it offers, I think.

If you have a few friends who like dudes-on-a-map with some euro sensibilities, it’s definitely interesting; the cube tower, in particular, is fun.

I’m not sure I’d buy it again, but I’m happy that I have a copy.


Shogun Kickstarter link


These are the kind of things we’ve come to expect from a printing process. We don’t plan for everything to go right over here.

Also Loneshark:
So, we’re looking at a couple extra weeks. What seemed like a mid-April finish will be closer to a late April finish.

So, … … did you plan for everything to go right or plan time for errors and revisions? (we’ve slowly accumulated a 6-7 month delay, all told).

I’ve read the stories in this thread, I realize they are far from the worst in the biz. But I am so fed up with these jackasses’ equivocation on every hiccup and mistake. They are clearly bullshitters. These missives come over and over again where they state one thing, about their responsibility and on-top-of-it-ness, and in the very next sentence lay out their oversights and dropped balls. I think they really are blind.

Anyway, game will come. Not worried about that. It’s just these updates that rankle.


Pueblo showed up and in fairly decent order.

Unfortunately on the same day my preorder (or late fulfilment) of art society came in. I really am not a fan of two new games at the same time.


@RogerBW @raged_norm @lalunaverde @DJCT @GeeBizzle

Finally got the details of the group buy

Anyone want to do the Maths?

That was from back when it was organised. The extra copy of each is for my friend who isn’t on the forum. I can’t remember who else added the chips sets, it’s upthread. They are for @GeeBizzle @raged_norm and @RogerBW

There are 7 of us, so that works out at $12.30 each for shipping (I’ll work out local once I have it), plus the games and the chips. $22 per game. Can I have the money in sterling please? The rate today is 1.27

Game £17.32
Chips £19.68
Shipping £10 (feel free to check all those)

Ps I’m going to triple check my address - I assume The Netherlands is their European hub!

PPS there’s nothing on the email about customs, so there might be a bit extra