The Cherry Debate

why does the pie have cherries on the cover :confounded::flushed::face_with_raised_eyebrow: cherries are the worst. i want pie! no cherries. still considering what to do. pie looks really good and so does the dice one.


This is the most horrifying thing I have ever read :open_mouth:


I bet you also like bananas :crazy_face:


Not as much as cherries, but I do indeed like bananas.


I like pineapple on my pizza. Wyvern can attest to that


Have you tried both sweet cherry pies and sour cherry pies? I’ve found several times in the past that makes a big difference.

Not that you have to like any kind of cherry pie or cherries, of course.


Fresh cherries good. Any kind of cherry flavouring or preserved cherries very bad indeed.


Pineapple on pizza is far better than cherries. And pineapple on pizza is questionable.

There are 2 tastes/aromas I have hated since I was a child: cherries and bananas. Bananas got a little better… but I’ve had a Michelin Star Chef come out of the kitchen to talk to me about his desert and if I would consider eating it without the fresh banana and just the processed foam–I hate being complicated at restaurants… and I was quite embarrased. But it is that difficult for me that I am willing to be complicated.

I ate the banana foam and it was not making me retch immediately. I would never have eaten anything cherry. Banana and cherry taste very similar to me: horrible. (No really, I have a hard time telling the tastes apart).

I’ll eat everything else–especially at a restaurant–though there are tastes (or textures… looking at eggplants) that I will not seek out. Just cherries and bananas…

About the cover of Pies: I am joking of course. The cover won’t keep me from considering the game.

PS: if anyone else feels like sharing their thoughts on cherries please do so… I’ll cherrypick the posts into a new thread then :wink:


Cherry yogurt is the GOAT of yogurts.

Don’t need to say any more.


Ah, I spotted a typo, that should read “is THE GREATEST”. (/Helpful)


Now don’t start the real debate.

Cherries are OK, I guess a diet of having ether glace cherries or the canned stuff in pies has made me lukewarm on them.


For me fresh cherries are an absolute treat that still genuinely excites me.

The thing about tastes being so personal is really awkward though. For me it’s celery I hate. And I mean hate it. Even the smell of someone biting in to it near me has me retching. I am so unfussy with food, I will eat and enjoy so many flavours but this one just gets me. What annoys me about this is the sheer number of people who try and convince me that I’m wrong or try and feed it to me to change my mind. I now go over the top with my description of how much I dislike it to head off the nonsense. Can’t people just accept we’re all put together differently so have different things we like/dislike? No they can’t so I have all sorts of rigmarole to go through as a result.

Still, I’m glad I like bananas, they’re very handy for substitute breakfast after oversleeping


Out of interest, do you still hate it when its cooked to add flavour to a stew or something? Its a very different flavour/smell. I know my brother said he didn’t like it that way either but I don’t know how it could be an identifiable flavour at that point.


Cherries are my absolute favourite flavour in anything. I just love it all. Although …

I’ve actually had both cherries and banana on a pizza (not at the same time). Banana was odd but fine (though slices rather than 1" tall pieces would have been less ridiculous). Cherries didn’t work at all as the juice soaked into the cheese and made it weird.


I have had similar experiences.

There are acquired tastes, and I learn. I used to really go out of my way to avoid cilantro until someone served me a fantastic salsa where the taste was just perfect… now I’ll put tons of cilantro on the foods where it fits.

But I have really tried with banana and it doesn’t work there. And I cannot even go near cherries.


I still dislike it cooked. If there is a tiny amount I can cope but will not enjoy the food. If there’s more than a little in the stock say, I can’t eat it. I also struggle with celeriac.


Fair enough.

I used to loathe peanut butter. I could tell if someone had used the same knife to butter my sandwich/toast as they used to put peanut butter on there’s, even if it had been wiped (but obviously not if it had been properly washed!). I don’t even remember when my taste for it changed but now I love it.

I decided in my early twenties that I wanted to like Marmite for some reason - possibly because I am a contrary soul and wanted to disprove the Love/Hate marketing that Marmite used wrong. I ate pretty much nothing but Marmite on toast for 3-4 weeks and now I love it! :slight_smile: Which actually, when you think about it, didn’t prove the marketing wrong - I went from Hate to Love. Perhaps it would have been better if I went from Hate to Indifference…

There are some foods I like raw but not cooked as well - I love raw apples but not all that keen on cooked apple (and used to absolutely loathe it).


Cherries: fresh fine, synthetic not. Not tried pies etc. made with the real fruit.
Bananas: sure. (Sliced onto cornflakes may be one of my favourite things.)
Celery: love it raw, I suppose it has its uses cooked but it’s not really a thing I think of. Celeriac remoulade, yum.
Peanut butter: came to it recently, like it quite a bit.
Marmite: love it.

Not fond of food with small bones etc. so I don’t eat much fish.

I am not in charge of anyone else’s diet so I leave that to them.


And so say all of us! (Well, I suppose I’m kinda in charge of my kids’ diet.)


Cherries- Amazing. In any and all forms and varieties. Fresh, candied, dried, preserved, fake flavoring. I do not care. I will eat cherries, cherry baked goods, cherry flavored things, or whatever cherry food item you care to present to me very happily.

To mix things up: Strawberries- Disgusting. Absolute trash. Some artificial fake strawberry flavored things (candies and the like) are very good because they taste like generic sugary fruit and not actually like strawberry.

Bananas- Similar to strawberries. The real ones are a little better than real strawberries but still not good. Fake candy flavor can be delicious.

Pineapple on pizza- Hawaiian pizza with the right mix of sweetness from the pineapple and saltiness from the ham is very good. Anything else, not so much. The balance has to be there.