Stationfall, anyone?

Despite how this is sometimes billed as a “party” game, it actually seems to be a fairly complex game with discrete turns that looks to be quite well-suited to forum play.

I spent a day getting all the art assets in order to make a Vassal module, but before I do, I’d like to use them to run a forum game and see if it lives up to the hype. Is anyone interested? I’ll run it if we get 3-9 players. The tutorial game is for 3 players. Probably going to do the tutorial.

Something’s wrong. The Station crew are hustling here and there but no one is answering
my questions. Does this have anything to do with that weird noise earlier? Or that weird
comm I got last night? Is that robot looking at me funny? Hey, that guy is wearing a
helmet; do I need a helmet!? A glance out the window confirms the whole Station is
tumbling… that’s odd, but is it dangerous? If there was danger there’d be an alarm or
something, right? And has the Earth always looked that… big?

Imagine a dozen or so random humans, robots, and none-of-the-aboves, each with their
own Abilities, Agenda, and secret relationships, running wild on a space station because
it is going to be incinerated in less than 15 minutes. You are one of them, and you have
collaborators, forming a conspiracy together, ready to assist you in achieving your Agenda.
And your conspirators may be allied with others on the station, without your knowledge,
which may be problematic for you. There’s also definitely probably some sort of monstrous
secret weapon project locked up on board, which may be problematic for everyone.
Stationfall is a box full of creative solutions, but that box is going to morph, twist, and grow
teeth over the course of play. Your best turns will exploit the unique tactical freedom of
utilizing your conspiracy to achieve your Secret Identity’s Agenda, as well as deductions
about your opponents’ identities and Agendas. Stationfall is messy, intricate, and full of
dangerous variables.
Good luck!


The setup, for the tutorial game. Confusing mess? Yes. If this doesn’t intrigue you, steer clear =P

Anyone that joins, pick a colour from the cubes in the top right of this image (preferably not black, looks like that doesn’t stand out sufficiently).

Yes, definitely interested.

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100% Interested

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@mr.ister and @RossM please pick a colour as edited into the setup image. One more and we can play the tutorial unless you are opposed to that.

Yellow is my choice

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I’ll take green.

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I’m game. I will go with blue.

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I wish i had the brainspace right now. but i don’t. hope it’s a good game for every one :innocent:


Cool, game is a go. If anyone else is interested, maybe they can negotiate pairing up with an existing player.

@RossM @mr.ister @COMaestro any preference on keeping this as a discussion thread and starting a separate game thread, or just having everything in this one?

Rules are all here:

I’ll provide single -post entries for each of the 12 characters for reference and drip-feed the launch manual, so the only one of the three rulebooks you might really need is the reference manual. Feel free to read the others though, but you might not want to spoil the scripted bot play in the tutorial from the launch manual.


No preference either way regarding the number of threads.

Likewise. No preference

OK, new thread started for the game.

While there’s a good chance this was just a colorful turn of phrase, helmets are not normally smashable. Indeed, helmets are one of the best ways to avoid having a human head caved-in.

(Currently waiting on RossM to take or not take one more action with the Cyborg after seeing the Kompromat)

So move the android again into the forward hub. (Can I double move!)

Setup symbols not used in this game (all the small icons are setup symbols, I have tried to cover up the ones I can with actual pieces)


What is the white triangle the daredevil’s Adrenaline ability is referring to?

Any hazard, i.e., fire and asphyxiation.

In general, when there’s an icon outline with no image, it means every possible type of thing that the shape corresponds to.

Currently, I think the reactor room and space both have asphyxiation hazards. So the daredevil can, for example, free move into space, from an airlock, and re-enter from the aft or forward airlock, without a helmet and all for 1 action.

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You passed the test to see if anyone was reading, congratulations!

(Copy-pasting the tutorial, my mistake, edited out now)


Something I just realized that should have been obvious, but maybe isn’t:

on all those agendas doesn’t mean “at the Station” or “on the Station”, and instead means “at Stationfall”, which is how the game always ends. So, “at the end of the game” is the intended meaning (except in at least one case, where it means “X has never been true by the end of the game”).

Specifically, the Troubleshooter agenda includes “2 points if Antimatter is not has never been Armed at Stationfall”.

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