Star Trek Ascendancy (recruitment)

Is it still possible to sign in for a game??? where? :pleading_face:

Hi @Carletto80 !


The game has started, but I think we will run another one very, very shortly.

@RogerBW is running the game and will confirm.

Yes, game 5 (blinded) is in progress, but once it’s over I shall probably run game 6 (conventional). I’ll ask for players on this thread.

thank you… :cry:
I’ll diligently wait :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m up for game 6

OK, game 6 will be standard starting resources, and not blinded. And there will be a big gap in about a week’s time as I’ll be away at Airecon.

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Also up for Game 6 (and also at Airecon). Shall we have a vote on the Borg? Personally I vote no, I’m not keen, but happy to have them if the vote goes that way.

OK, for potential game-6 players:

Should there be Borg?
  • No
  • Maybe a little bit

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Starting resources?
  • Humble Beginnings
  • Standard

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Am I in also?

If you like! So that’s three, and @Carletto80 if you’re still about…

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4 please @RogerBW

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I’m torn about humble beginnings vs Standard. I’m not necessarily agnostic, there’s just possible interest either way.

Here I am!!!


Just confirming that I’ll sit this one out, having played in the last four.


This will be my last one for a while.

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We can take up to seven players… but no worries.

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I have to applaude our host for the work, and for the experience that this implementation delivers!!!
Long life to the Q Continuum (everlasting life, in fact)!


Second the applause, thank you @RogerBW !


I’m very much helped by the visual design of the game components - I’ve run and played quite a lot of PBFs and other turn-based games, and with the more complex ones it’s very important to be able to parse what’s going on when you come back to it after a break.