Star Trek Ascendancy (recruitment)

Blind. However, I presume there will still be a normal game thread that will… come into play when we are all connected?..

a narrative normal game thread so everyone can see/hear what is happening? even though things might be blank?..

For instance.
If a turn is ten years time…
At the end of a round, everyone could have heard of a rumor (because of intergalactic trading/travels among nomads or rogues), that the Klingons have made contact with the Federation…

One example of “galactic news”

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Happy to try blind, yes :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy with either blind or regular.

My eyes! (Sign me up)

More players welcome! I’ll stick a note on BGG too.

I’m in and I think you’ll get a full table this time.
Can you imagine the Ferengi roaming around where no one can see?!..


Oh goodness that’s a terrifying thought

That’s why everyone should try to connect to their neighbors as soon as possible. (To a certain extent)

Perhaps for this introductory blind game, no Borg? Of have them appear when someone reaches 3 Ascendency?

I’ll write up more details, but probably they become possible only to powers that have reached A Certain Threshold.

Personally I’d rather no Borg, I’m not sure they add to the game greatly (I think they widen the gap between civilisations in the end game… to already powerful species they’re basically free powerful tech, to less powerful ones they’re devastating) but happy to play with them if everyone else is.

Yeah. I really didn’t realize this until way late in the game. For some reason I got stuck on the “Vulcan’s can’t colonize worlds normally” part.

Btw, my hidden goal was control 9 research nodes, which I didn’t even get close to.


I’d definitely be interested in trying a blind game. (I’m sure you’re shocked, Roger, given our other discussions recently)

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I’d say no Borg as it’s more technically challenging in set up.

Humble or normal?

If ever there was a case for humble, I suspect this is it.


While I love the idea of exploring blind, stumbling onto an already assimilated planet and thinking, “Oh, no…”, I agree with @RossM that keeping the Borg out of this experimental setup is probably a good idea for the first time through.


So I have to email you two vetoes on races?

Can you confirm the full list?

I’ll set up individual game threads as before - recording a podcast shortly, details after that.

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Those of you not already in the Shogun game. Was just wondering if you took a look at it and think it might be a game you’d be interested in? (You can post over there at that discussion folder) (wow, I just thought of something. Maybe a Blind Variant for it too?! :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:

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