Sizes of boxes that feel... right

So I recently got in this from Kickstarter, and was immediately impressed by how small it is!

Plunked a quarter in for scale:

The components are about half the size I usually expect, and the box has no air whatsoever! It is a bit naff to sort and shuffle the tiny tiles, but I feel like it’s the right size for the type of game it is. And picking up/flipping the little bits feels great :nerd_face:


The new edition of Sidereal Confluence has a spectacular box and insert. The vac-tray holds all of the small components and cards, and keeps them reasonably sorted, while the larger cardboard items stack neatly on top, filling the box fully (while well supported). It’s quick and clean and it’s a thing of beauty, particularly considering how full the box is, and the myriad token types.

[EDIT] I ended up adding two small trays to fit in the middle channel. It isn’t quite perfect but allowed me to eliminate almost all baggies (not to mention removable for in game use)!


Even with the original and a custom insert… this all makes me want to upgrade.


Vasel did a video comparing the two. I don’t have the frame of reference needed to compare the two and pick up on practical, QOL changes but I know he’s a huge fan of the game. His final comments indicated a “maybe” for folks upgrading, dependent on how much they like the game.


It’s the cleaner look that wins me over. The background of cards & tiles of the original makes the game look really cluttered and dense, making a fairly inaccessible game a lot less approachable. I like how the different parts of the tiles/cards are far clearer in hierarchy of importance, whereas the original has an onslaught of instruction. I would’ve preferred a design overhaul to this stripped back look, but anything is a major improvement.

I’m of a mind to hold off until I see a silly sale or whatever. Don’t see myself cracking it out any time soon, and I have the game anyway, so in no rush.


In some ways I’m a bit surprised they didn’t do an overhaul. Granted Kwanchai only did the cover to the new edition, but I think they could have really leveraged his design expertise… though at a much higher cost.

Meanwhile, further to my edit above, here’s another “lucky eyeball” storage hack; These random boxes I found this afternoon are basically custom fit. Another millimeter wider and they would have been useless.


Inserts are only as good as their use on the table. Single-piece vacuum moulded plastic inserts are almost entirely useless, unless they happen to fit boxes like you have there, so that is a very nice find.


I agree, and generally the bigger the box, the more likely it is to be gutted and replaced (in the process of doing this with Feudum*). Sidereal is a dense mass of components and cards, which is what makes this one so surprising. Could I make something better? Sure, but I’m not motivated to here… Yet. We’ll see after a play or two.

I did a similar thing with a plano box for Cosmic Frog. Insert remains functional, tiles are all nicely sorted and quick to access.

[EDIT] *Here is the fruit of that labour, regarding Feudum. I may need to make a few minor adjustments once all the deluxe stuff gets here, but I think I should be pretty well set as-is, and the big Plano on the right has ample room to store the planned 3x Rudders and Ramparts minis.

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Very strong contender for this thread: Parks.

Opening the box, the two token trays fit very nicely.

Removing them, you have all the components with the fold-out board sitting fixed between the slightly raised four brown knobs just above and below it:

Take the board out and you see this:

But even with the cards sitting nicely in the previous picture, half of them have another thing fitted perfectly underneath, for example the metal badge and bonfire tokens in the top left and right, and the camera at middle bottom:

And the camera even has a sign under it to tell you that this shallow recess is for the camera!

And then you pack it up by reversing the photos from here up to the first one, and putting the instructions booklets above the token trays just before you put the lid back on. Aaaaah satisfying!


Here is Galilean Moons. It’s in a box roughly equivalent to Z-Man’s flat boxes. The cards are sleeved, the bits are as sorted as they really need to be, and I’ll be on the hunt for a generic box/boxes for the robot meeples. As it stands though, just about perfect!


Do not buy any expansions :wink:

I eventually did manage a solution but now not all the parks fit into the box. The rest works out. This is the trouble with the gametrayz solutions they are not really flexible.


CMON’s Modern Art is a lovely compact box