Six Degrees (of whoever we want)!

Brought to us originally by @bruitist, I’m quoting him from the original forum:

Right, on the suggestion of @MinuteWalt, I’m making a thread to play this in!

Based on “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, the goal is to connect two actors together via people they’ve worked with.

Here are the rules (based on the variation I play):

  • Your route should contain exactly six actors
  • You can use films or TV but you can only use something once
    • This includes separate episodes of a TV show
    • Generally I avoid using films from a series, but that’s not a definite rule
  • As we’re online, you’re welcome to use IMDB, etc to check things but you get a more satisfying result if you do the connecting in your head :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Whoever gets one correct gets to suggest a new pairing. You’re welcome to submit answers for pairings that have already been answered.
  • You can add extra stipulations to your pairing if you like (such as “connect Matt Smith and David Tennant without using Doctor Who”).

As an example, here’s connecting Dean Cain to Brandon Routh without using an instance of them as Superman:

Dean Cain was in Supergirl with Calista Flockhart (He plays Supergirl’s dad - it totally counts as not Superman)
Calista Flockhart was in Ally McBeal with Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr was in Tropic Thunder with Jack Black
Jack Black was in Year One with Michael Cera
Michael Cera was in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World with Brandon Routh


So I will start off.

Connect Mark Hamill to his not-really-son Sebastian Stan!

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I don’t know the second actor, but Mark Hamill was in Star Wars with Harrison Ford (who has been in everything)

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Harrison Ford was in Blade Runner 2049 with a lot of people… for example Dave Bautista

Mark Hamill was in Star Wars: The Last Jedi with Kelly Marie Tran
who was in Raya and the Last Dragon with Awkwafina
who was in Crazy Rich Asians with Ken Jeong
who was in Community with Danny Pudi
who was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Sebastian Stan

Next up - two cat women: Anne Hathaway to Michelle Pfeiffer without using either of the Batman films they’re in.


Ah so we’re supposed to make the complete connection in one post :slight_smile: I had no idea… Dave Bautista and Sebastian Stan were both in Endgame btw.


My (total lack of) film knowledge means I’m going to watch this rather than play

Although The Devil Wears Prada might not be a bad place to start the next one

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I had another solution, but I didn’t want to use two Marvel films.

So far, in this thread, I’m just learning how out-of-touch I am with movies.

(Who are these people?)


Oops didn’t read the rules. Exactly 6 actors? Ouch. I need to do it over then.
Do speaking roles count? (Like f.e. in animated movies?)


That took longer than expected. But I got it and it’s all movies that I have seen almost completely (I fell asleep during Benjamin Button on the plane)

Anne Hathaway was in Ocean’s Eight with Cate Blanchett
who was in the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt
who was in 12 Monkeys with Bruce Willis
who was in Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurmann
who was in Les Liaisons Dangereuses with Michelle Pfeiffer


I think now you are supposed to propose a new chain between two thespians.

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Okok. Mads Mikkelsen and Emma Thompson…

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Mads Mikkelsen was the baddy on the first Daniel Graig Bond movie,
Daniel Craig is married to Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz starred in the Constant Gardener with Ralph Fiennes,
Who played in the English Patient with Kristin Scott-Thomas,
She was Hugh Grant’s wife in Bitter Moon,
And Hugh Grant was Emma Thompson’s brother in Love Actually.

This was fun. So Penelope Cruz to Jesse Eisenberg, anybody?


I had to cheat to stretch it to six:

Penelope Cruz was in Zoolander 2, as was Justin Bieber in some capacity.
Justin Bieber appeared on Glee, of which Melissa Benoist was a cast member.
Melissa Benoist stars in Supergirl, on which Grant Gustin has appeared multiple times.
Grant Gustin also appeared on Arrow, where Ezra Miller had a cameo with him.
Ezra Miller was in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which also featured . . .
Jesse Eisenberg.

Now, who can link Michael Cule and American schlock action star Reb Brown - ideally without going through Mystery Science Theater 3000?

I had to cheat to find out who those two were, but the middle is genuine…

Michael Cule appeared in Dirty Weekend, as did Rufus Seawell,
Who played King Marc in Tristan+Isolde, where James Franco played Tristan,
James Franco was very high in Pineapple Express, where he starred with his friend Seth Rogen,
Seth started to get noticed in 40 Year Old Virgin, where also Paul Rudd had a role,
Paul Rudd is Antman in the Marvel movies, and Chris Evans plays Captain America there,
A role (Captain, not Antman) that Reb Brown played in TV.

Phew… James Earl Jones to Sophie Turner, anybody?


James Earl Jones was in The Lion King with Rowan Atkinson
who was in Love Actually with Kris Marshall
who was in My Family with Zoe Wanamaker
who was in Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone with David Bradley
who was in Game of Thrones with Sophie Turner

Let’s go with a couple of former sports personalities turned actors: Vinne Jones and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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I had to cheat to find out who those two were

Oh, I used the web. That was established as not cheating. The cheat in mine was that Grant Gustin is completely superfluous; Melissa Benoist has guested on Arrow as well.

To do it just using connections of actors starring together (though again I had to use IMDB to get a starting point for them both):

Michael Cule was in The Comic Strip Presents with Jennifer Saunders
Who was in Spice World with Meat Loaf
Who was in Fight Club with Edward Norton
Who was in The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno
Who was in Cage with Reb Brown


Vinnie Jones played BulletTooth in Snatch with Brad Pitt,
Brad Pitt got an oscar for Once Upon a time… in Hollywood, playing DiCaprio stuntman,
DiCaprio got one in The Revenant, chasing Tom Hardy,
Tom Hardy gave Christian Bale a good thrashing in The Dark Knight Rises,
Bale was in Vice with Steve Carrell,
Who played along Dwayne The Rock Johnson in Get Smart

Anybody fancy linking Matt Damon to Gregg Kinnear?