Show us your bits! (Board game components)

Shamelessly stolen from the old forum. Post pictures of interesting/good/amusingly bad board game components here.

I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of some Tiny Epic dinomeeples :grin:


They are nice, but they are soooooo tiny. I get the Tiny Epic shtick and brand, but when I opened the box of this one, it really hit home that they need a Not-So-Tiny version of this game.

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Perhaps they need to include some tiny epic tweezers :grin:


While preparing for the Leaving Earth pbf I took some bits out of the box…


Just played Kanagawa for the first time, and the components are brilliant. The roll up bamboo mat! The little paint pots!


After talking about 7th Continent so much and watching 7th Citadel videos, we got out our copy of the game (and resetted the save game):

Of course, we have both boxes and of course everything is sleeved (I do not know how long that took) and with sleeves the cards barely fit making finding anything a huge annoyance.

Anyway, we discovered there were a variety of “easier modes” introduced in the white box and we promised ourselves to try and play again sometime soon. You’ll all know when / if we do :wink:

PS: those two boxes together weigh nearly as much as Gloomhaven. Paper is heavy.


The incredibly satisfying tiles in Azul Summer Pavilion.


Solo setup for Dwellings of Eldervale with the playmat that finally arrived today.

Two of the big monster minis that arrived with the wash already done:


Two very pretty games we’ve played recently:

Pax Pamir:


The Everdell tree is completely superfluous, which offends me a bit. The other components are really nice though - the berry resources are squidgy!


There can be only one:

(Glen More 2)


Why do the other meeples all have heads?


They obviously aren’t Highlanders :grin:


It’s obviously Jet Li’s The One, not Highlander. Come on!

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Ooh, Vampire The Masquerade: Heritage is pretty (in a grimy, medieval way).


Well, Canvas is ridiculously beautiful.


Now go play! I want action pics :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

That actually is an action pic! The two paintings with ribbons on them in the bottom of the photo are completed, so only one more to go. The cat on the right is the card remaining in my hand (building up for the last green background) and the pile of art and tokens on the bottom left is the bot.

The cards on the white spaces get chosen, and then a new one is drawn from the box on the right and they all shuffle along. So the action is on the white spaces of the mat - do I pay a bit more to get the one I want, or leave it a turn to be one cheaper but a) my opponent might take it, and b) I can only hold 5 total? :slight_smile:


Some shots of the lovely pieces of the new Kemet: Blood and Sand.

As usual though the double layered player boards are a bit on the “not so flat” side. Even On Mars has this problem though so… maybe someone needs to figure out a way to make double layered boards that lie flat on the table… oh wait Calico did that.

Overall I am not 100% happy with the production. The insert works and the little cloth bags for player materials are nice, the lots-of-plastic market display is really helpful so I am willing to overlook the amount of plastic… and the minis are better than those that came with Inis. The artwork is nice. But the cardstock and cardboard quality is a bit on the “we’re being cheap” side for a 70€ game.


I got 3 new Oink games with some tasty looking components.

In a grove. 2 to 5 player deduction. Figure out who is the criminal from a number of suspects. All plastic components. would take to the pub if the pub was open. Play a bunch of rounds until one player has proven they are inept.

In Dokojong you are hiding the dogs of the boss to gain their affection. whoever is best at keeping their dog hidden wins the game. The premise is weird but those little tiny tiles look like candy and that makes the game totally adorable.

The third one is Moon Adventure and as that one has more rules and no edible components… no picture :woman_shrugging::dizzy::last_quarter_moon:


All the different meeples that come with Aqua Garden (most of these have multiple copies but not all)