Show us your bits! (Board game components)

This might be the most offensive die that I own:




Sorry, I appear to be drunk, and the die isn’t coming in right. Not sure how, I haven’t had any alcohol…


Looks like a beautiful production! What are your feels on the game?

I think Aqua Garden is quite pretty and I should definitely try this with some of the bonus modules. It is a very light set collection game with a good production. But too light for my usual tastes and too fiddly to teach quickly. I backed this mostly because my partner loves aquariums and we visit on trips all the time. I do not think I would back this again. This resides in the “Collector’s Corner” of my collection right now it is also “tagged” with my partner’s name.

My partner says he enjoyed the set collection and it is a relaxed, nice game and he likes how beautiful the components are. “Gameplay is a bit too simple” he said and added that doesn’t bother him :slight_smile: