Selling/ Buying/ Trading Games

Yeah there is some required translation and could be a faff until you learn what everything does - unless you’re willing to stick something over to remind you in English!

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Maybe leave it to see if any German speakers wish it.

All right, I clearly don’t want to do this given how long it’s taken me to get round to it, but I haven’t played since second edition was announced, so…

Here’s a bunch of X-Wing (“Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game”) stuff. It’s all first edition. Except for a few things at the end, it’s all husked: all the minis are in KR-Case foam, all the counters and dice and cards and templates and things are in a toolbox. For this reason, I’d really rather not break it up.

Way too much X-wing stuff
Faction Ship Count
Rebel A-Wing 1
Rebel B-Wing 2
Rebel E-Wing 1
Rebel HWK-290 2
Rebel X-Wing 5
Rebel T-70 X-Wing 1
Rebel Y-Wing 2
Rebel Z-95 Headhunter 1
Rebel Millennium Falcon 1
Imperial TIE Advanced 2
Imperial TIE Bomber 2
Imperial TIE Defender 1
Imperial TIE Fighter 7
Imperial TIE/fo Fighter 2
Imperial TIE Interceptor 4
Imperial TIE Phantom 1
Imperial Lambda-class Shuttle 1
Imperial Slave I 1
Scum Y-Wing 1
Scum Z-95 Headhunter 2

Rebel Transport

At least one dice pack, probably two
Acrylic movement templates
If you really want it, a 3’ by 3’ vinyl starmat (not an official one)

In shrink:

M-03A Interceptor
Sabine’s TIE Fighter
Most Wanted
Imperial Veterans


I’m in the UK (near London) and postage will be horrible, to the point that it might make more sense for me to drop it off with you…

If necessary I’ll list it on eBay but I’d rather offer it to you lot first.

Looking at Amazon prices (halving for first edition because I’m not a collector) brings this lot out around £500-£550 (not counting the storage) so I’d ideally be looking for £350ish before postage.

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*wants to know how. Knows it’s going to be too much

cries in shipping-to-Canada


laughs at your measly shipping-to-Canada

Edit: oh, actually, shipping from UK to Japan isn’t nearly as outrageous as from the US.


I’ve seen a lot of X-Wing 2nd ed stuff going for 50% off lately. I have a feeling the new edition did not do well due to this. And I so desperately want to buy them all! But I haven’t played the game in probably 3 years, despite picking up a 2nd ed starter set and the conversion kits for the Rebels and (recently at 50% off) Empire, so I just can’t justify it.

So, of course, this tempts me, but there’s no way I can afford it right now, especially shipping to the US. Best of luck with selling it all. You have it packaged up so nicely.


I’ve seen a few people talking about selling up their collections, and someone mentioning that X-Wing has noticeably dropped off the top 5 ICv2 North American independent gaming stores sales charts, where it has been a stable fixture since The Force Awakens was released.


Durn, so I should have done this six months ago. Hey ho. :money_with_wings:


Maybe it’ll turn around. FFG/Asmodee seem to be focusing their efforts on SW franchise games once more after a period of neglect, so interest could build again. I was surprised to see they’re releasing new Armada stuff considering that’s the less popular game.

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But arguably the better game, from things I have heard. Being a huge SW fan, especially of the original trilogy, I would love to have ALL THE GAMES, but my wallet could not handle that (and my wife would kill me). Thus I have settled for X-Wing, as the small ship skirmishes appeal to me more.

FFG seems to still be supporting it, as they have announced more ships for future release, mostly Clone Wars and post-Force Awakens stuff. I think they just lost a number of people when moving to the 2nd edition, and did not do much to pick up new customers with it, as people who were interested in this type of game had already invested in the 1st edition.


Right time for a mini purge (UK based).

I’m going to be selling the following on ebay at the end of this week but if anyone here is interested let me know as I’d rather sell it at a reasonable price to you good forum people:

**Hanamikoji **
Getaway driver
Decryption (French version)
Dice Forge
Edit also adding -

I have a few to sell/giveaway. I’m in Berlin, Germany, I can ship wherever:

  • Taj Mahal, the old Alea German edition (but language independent). 10€ plus shipping, or for trade.

  • Penny Papers Adventures: Skull Island. New in shrink. Just pay postage and it’s yours.

  • Agricola. This is a weird one, boards in Dutch but cards in English. Box has seen better days (ask me for pictures). It’s an old edition with component for 5 players and animal figurines. Again, you can have it if you pay postage.

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And while I’m here, for the RPG crowd I have:
Monsters and other childish things, softcover, 8€+shipping
In Flames, softcover, 8€+shipping

October UK maths trade. I have a copy of Dinosaur Island + expansion in there if anyone’s interested :grin:


Good luck.

I must admit that I find maths trades scary. It seems a great way to get new stuff though.

Have you had much success with it previously?

In my experience, Math Trades are much less scary than they seem at the outset.

Obviously, I’m not participating in the UK Maths Trade, but I’m willing to talk through math trades in general for anyone with questions.


I have all of the questions!

The listing site (OLWGS?) looks terrible on a phone, I assume it’d be better on a desktop? It looks like ‘wants’ and ‘for trades’ are listed on completely different sites.

Is there a ‘how to’ video? The guidance is pretty good, but not the easiest to follow.

And what is ‘duplicate protection’?

I understand the concept, but not the method. Also, if I listed a £60 game and a £15 game and wanted a £60 & a £15 game, is there any way to stop me getting selected to trade my £60 and receive the £15?

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Generally I find that if a thing doesn’t go first time it’s probably not offering it again, because it’s mostly the same people from one UKMT to the next.

There are some how to videos but broadly what I do is:

  • set games for trade and games wanted within BGG
  • sync collection to the OLWLG
  • use the functionality there to offer items (it generates a pre-filled geeklist posting which you can then fine tune for the individual MT’s rules on descriptions etc.)
  • set a value for each thing I’m offering (including the cost of postage)
  • look through the items offered on the OLWLG (I generally look for my existing wants, and for cash/PayPal offers)
  • set a value for each one I like the look of
  • use the automatic matcher to generate the actual wants

This will say “I’ll swap £15 game for £15 game or £60 game, but £60 game only for £60 game” automatically. Otherwise you can do it by hand, but then you’re saying “this specific game will go only for those specific offers” and it rapidly becomes tedious.

That doesn’t account for duplicate protection. Generally I let the system do it automatically and check that it makes sense afterwards.


I need to get my collection sorted on BGG.

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