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I know that many of you do not live in the US (for many good reasons). I came across this BGG Blog post that reminded me of how happy I get when I walk through my local Target store. Target has done a lot for the hobby and I really hope this continues. I figured I would share with the class for those who haven’t visited a Target store in the last ~5 years (or ever)


Funny enough, I already read this earlier this month when it was on the front page of BGG in the hot discussions section or something. Target really has upped their game selection, and what is interesting is they sell a wider variety of games through their website, as I think they partner with Noble Knight Games and sell their stuff. Which means, occasionally, the stores get some interesting returns. I picked up Five Tribes and Istanbul there a number years ago which were marked down to $30ish each because they were returns and not normally sold in the store.

Barnes & Noble also deserves some recognition IMO, as they’ve had a decent board game selection for some time now as well.