Selling/ Buying/ Trading Games

If you have Lords of Vegas, Downfall of Pompeii or Thurn und Taxis, I might consider it! :rofl:


Aiso for the Airecon bring and buy unless someone makes an offer first.

  • Sagrada (+ some promo cards)
  • They Come Unseen
  • Blame Space
  • Mafia de Cuba + Revolución
  • Illuminati (2010s printing, last hurrah for the first edition)
  • Kill Shot
  • Space Race Card Game + Interkosmos expansion

I’d be willing to pick up a German copy for someone on ebay-kleinanzeigen and send it on.
Shipping for that kind of box from here to UK is probably going to be 13 + 5 I would probably pay to get it to my place.


So a German copy of T&T would end at about 30,-
I think it should go under 2kg even with some packaging. I can test if there is interest.

There is even a copy local I could pick up: Thurn und Taxis Spiel Brettspiel des Jahres 2006 in Baden-Württemberg - Karlsruhe | Gesellschaftsspiele günstig kaufen, gebraucht oder neu | eBay Kleinanzeigen


Found a local one but thanks!


Hey guys. If anyone is keen on Dogs of War with 4 faction expansions and Tactics cards (all inside the base game box) I’m happy to sell it. With the reprint seemingly inevitable and you guys are cool, feel free to ask for a bargain price.


I’ll post a list too tomorrow.

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Bargain price? The reprint isn’t a certainty, and may not have the expansions. I’d grab it if I was in the UK.

Something has arrived at work….


The cost is only the postage. Based in the UK

  • Cutthroat Kingdoms
  • Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61
  • [Traders of] Genoa - Dutch edition - light language dependency
  • Heir to the Pharaoh
  • Khronos
  • Maharaja (the 2021 reimplementation)
  • Mars Needs Mechanics
  • Small City
  • Town Center 4th Edition
  • Urban Sprawl

Thirsty Meeples in Oxford has second-hand games. (Call them not me.)

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I found my NISEI box which is the System Gateway: Complete Bundle (Starter Pack & Deckbuilding Pack). I don’t recommend getting this if you just play casually like me and already have the FFG base game box. I am happy to give this one away.