Self-Promotion, With Or Without Shame

Back in Ye Olde Forums, we had a place to mention cool things we had accomplished recently. Podcasts recorded, books written, art made… not a place to advertise (and certainly not to spam constant notices about everything you did), but more to bring a little attention to a project that you thought the other forumites might enjoy.

I checked, and I didn’t find one of those on Ye Newe (sic) Forums, so I figured… be the change you want to see in the world. Or something like that?

I was interviewed about two months ago about board games. I work at one of the largest board game stores in Canada, and it’s my job to help advise people about purchase and to hopefully steer them towards games they’ll enjoy more. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and figured, hey, why not share?

If anyone is curious to hear, this is the link:

(The first 3:30 are just ads)
Hope everyone enjoys, and of course, feel free to add links to things you’ve made that you’d like to share with these good people!


One of the largest? Who’s the number one most prominent board game selling franchise in Canada?

Tim Boardtons, perhaps? :wink: :canada: