Self-Promotion, With Or Without Shame

Back in Ye Olde Forums, we had a place to mention cool things we had accomplished recently. Podcasts recorded, books written, art made… not a place to advertise (and certainly not to spam constant notices about everything you did), but more to bring a little attention to a project that you thought the other forumites might enjoy.

I checked, and I didn’t find one of those on Ye Newe (sic) Forums, so I figured… be the change you want to see in the world. Or something like that?

I was interviewed about two months ago about board games. I work at one of the largest board game stores in Canada, and it’s my job to help advise people about purchase and to hopefully steer them towards games they’ll enjoy more. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and figured, hey, why not share?

If anyone is curious to hear, this is the link:

(The first 3:30 are just ads)
Hope everyone enjoys, and of course, feel free to add links to things you’ve made that you’d like to share with these good people!


One of the largest? Who’s the number one most prominent board game selling franchise in Canada?

Tim Boardtons, perhaps? :wink: :canada:


A couple of weeks ago I was asking around here for pictures of the card backs from Sagrada, to use as a reference for a gift I was making for a friend (thanks to @RogerBW for providing). This is how it turned out:


Nifty! Separate bits of glass?

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Just one piece of glass. The design is painted on.


Ah, I didn’t realise we had such a theme here, so please indulge me in some up-puffage.

I live in and am heavily involved in the delightful Villamartin Plaza, I believe the only Spanish/Andalucian style squares in the southern Costa Blanca of Spain. It’s a mixed community of over 150 apartments above 40 businesses including bars, restaurants and offices. In normal years we host entertainment nights in the centre of the square, mostly with local bands but also flying in a few UK stars of yesteryear for bigger shows. This has given me the great pleasure of meeting and working with some fabulous entertainers, and taking most of the official photos and videos of those nights as well as running livestreams of the concerts. We also - in normal years - run several big charity days each year, collecting thousands of Euros for local charities who get no government support.

To help promote the plaza, my great friend and the President of the plaza, Casey Shaddock, and I run a weekly livestream vodcast show - “Live & Loco” - on the plaza Facebook page every Sunday afternoon at 3pm Spanish time (2pm UK time). In normal years this has been to discuss the recent and upcoming events but occasionally we’ve had interviews with our stars too, and during the 2020 lockdown we interviewed more of our celebrity friends as well as local stars and personalities on the show plus gave our audience of local viewers and regular tourists a summary of the latest news, restrictions and situation here.

If any of you are interested in our shows, music events or work we do, please do visit the following links to find out more.

Website (which I am about to redesign):


We should have more self-promotion on this site, always nice to see what people get up to outside of boardgames.
I made a game with friends over the weekend:

Deep Sea Phishing

It’s a little hacking game set in a submarine, where you play different minigames to hack into the CIA.


VEry good!


Wise choice, setting the game in a submarine. Without that one vital element, it wouldn’t in fact be Deep Sea Phishing, now would it? :wink: (Of course, you could later create an expansion set in the sunken city of R’lyeh, and call it Ftaghn-One-Nine Scammers.)


“My name is Harley Warren, an agent to the Great King who lives under the sea and will return to rule us all when the stars are right. The Great King kept a sum of $450,000,000 (four hundred and fifty million dollars) in my care, and I wish for your help in moving it to your reality.”


Okay, so I did a thing that I’m pretty proud of. I finished my 7th novel, The Hunt for the Wind’s Howling Rage. You can find it in ebook format on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or wherever you buy your Amazon-related-products…

AND in a massive change for my authorial journey, I managed to finish the paperback version at about the same time! Once again, through Amazon US, Amazon Canada, and Amazon UK, but most Amazon stores offer a Print on Demand version that you should be able to find.

The jacket-copy for the story is thus:
"The deal is simple. All Cici DiSenza has to do is help recapture a starship for a mysterious stranger. In return, she’ll get a little adventure and an enormous fortune—enough for Cici to prove to her boyfriend’s ultra-rich family that she’s good enough for him.

But is anything ever simple when that stranger happens to be a notorious pirate queen? When Captain Mina Hattori sweeps into her life, DiSenza finds herself on the run from vicious mercenaries, chasing the most bloodthirsty pirate in the galaxy, and pursuing a treasure so vast she could buy her entire planet multiple times over! Of course, she has to survive long enough to collect, and Hattori is keeping more than a few secrets of her own…"

It’s sorta Pirates-of-the-Caribbean meets Star-Wars, a revenge-fueled space adventure through a universe where spice (basil, cumin, cilantro) forms the basis of the economy since all the planets are terraformed such that only certain food can be grown and it all tastes exactly the same.

Anyway, I’m super proud of the book, and if any of you are kind enough to pick up a copy, I would give the usual small-business-plea of a 5-star review, if you like it. Those reviews are gold-pressed latinum.


I should probably do some trumpet-blowing here. I’ve written a few novels (horror, fantasy, science fiction) but to my mild annoyance, the one that massively outsells them all is my veterinary autobiography, Once Bitten. Here’s the cover image and the blurb:

*When Alan Reece qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the dawn of the new millennium, he had a plan: save the world, one animal at a time.
Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and Alan soon discovers he has far more enemies than he was expecting – aside from vicious pets, difficult owners, surly farmers, and children from hell, he finds himself working with an unhinged and jealous surgeon who makes it his personal mission ruin Alan’s life.
Battling long hours, life and death decisions, tragic cases, a complaint from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and an unexpected love triangle, Alan’s hopes of saving the world are quickly replaced with a simple question:
Can he even last a year in practice?

Once Bitten… is the story of a young vet’s first few months in practice, and how they changed his life forever.*

And here’s my website with stuff about the other things. Thanks for allowing my shameless shilling in an effort to cheer meself up! Cheerie pip.


Are you still a vet?


Yes, although no longer in practice. I spent 19 years in general practice (4 mixed, the rest small animal); I’m currently training as a veterinary clinical pathologist. I’m due to sit my final (diploma-level) board exam in August - delayed from last year because of 2020 reasons. It’s a fascinating job, intellectually stimulating and much, much less emotionally draining.

I’m glad I spent my time in practice. I’m proud of what I did, and I have things I miss about the job, but ultimately I’m happier now. General practitioners (human and veterinary) have the hardest, most valuable (to clients and patients) and most undervalued (academically) jobs in medicine. Well, that’s my two syringe’s worth, anyway.


It’s been over a century and a quarter since the first moving picture was committed to celluloid - the “ribbon of dreams”, as Orson Welles mellifluously intoned.

And so, welcome, one and all, to Ribbon of Memes, a new podcast in which @RogerBW and I supply grateful listeners hot takes about films considered masterpieces by critics or filmgoers in general.

The rules: we choose one “masterpiece” from every year from the earliest days of cinema to our dreadful modern dystopia. Do we agree these films are classics? Are we entertained? Did we even understand what the film was trying to say? The questions are endless!*

We start in 1973 (for reasons explained in the first podcast) and progress vaguely chronologically (unless we think of another film that makes an interesting comparison to the one we have just seen, or are otherwise distracted by shiny new things).

Yes, that’s right, we decided that what the world really needed was two more uninformed middle-aged white guys telling the world about media largely produced by similar people. Find out whether we were right or not herein!

Link to the main site: []

*Actually, no, that’s most of them.


Popped the RSS feed into my podcatcher (Beyondpod on Android) and it doesn’t download the episode, it downloads a short description with a play button and download link. Never seen that happen before in the app.

Any suggestions?

Ooh, a new and exciting failure mode! Should have enclosures now.


Working! Thank you.

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I just came here to say that I’ve beaten both Contra and Super C - one player, no code, no continues.


Congrats, pour yourself a stiff drink well earned!