Secret Santa 2022

It’s that time of year again…

If you would like to join in with a gift exchange in December, please either PM me or post below.


Sign up by 11/11/2022
Gift value £15-£20 (or equivalent in your local currency)
I’ll use a randomiser to match gifters to giftees
Post gift by 30/11/2022
If you want to join in, please post some ideas for your Santa in this thread (or PM me if you prefer). The ideas should be primarily game related. Links to BGG/RPGG/Steam wishlists are probably the easiest way to convey the information, but are by no means mandatory. Links to local online game shops are also helpful, to avoid exorbitant international shipping/customs fees.


I would take part again please. I’ve really enjoyed it the last two years


I’ll be in!


I will be away in Spain for November-December, so I am not sure about how likely I am going to be to connect to the forums and how much internet access I will have, so I will give it a miss this year.


I’m in. Last two years were fun.


Considering, that I just played 3 rounds of Sagani which I got from my Secret Santa last year, I believe, I just have to participate :smiley:


After careful consideration, I am in!


A reminder to:

  • sign up if you want to and haven’t yet
  • add links to wishlists etc. for your Santa :slight_smile:

Here’s my BGG profile and wishlist

Edit: fancy bits for board games I already own, expansions, or fun patches to stick on my board game bag are also great


I am also yashima @ BGG :slight_smile: I have a somewhat maintained wishlist and most importantly my collection is always up to date with the latest acquisitions or preorders :slight_smile: On geekgroup you can also easily find what I‘ve been playing.


Do you have a preference for games in English Vs German?


Not really. I have one friend who tends to shy away from English games. And she recently played my English copy of Everdell. The only reason for either language is availability and with expansions that they match the main game. I have normally indicated which edition I own for all my games.


I’m capbnut on BGG

I use ‘want in trade’ as my wishlist, but that isn’t exclusive and would be happy to receive anything that someone thought I would enjoy from my ratings and have no issues with second hand. I’m also partial to bling for games I enjoy - don’t have much (some draw bags for GWT and markers for Terraforming Mars). I also like flicking things.

I own a fair few boardgame related T shirts and would always welcome more (XL).

Basically, I’m pretty easy going.


I’ve got my list pretty much up to date.

My list

Only a couple on there I’ve not got. Although happy for any surprises. I mainly play at 2 players if that helps.

Love me an expansion or bit of game related bling or anything really.


Here’s my BGG wishlist, which I just updated today.

I am happy with most anything, really, so if someone looks at my collection and sees an expansion for something that I don’t already have, or thinks a different game would be to my liking, that’s cool. And thanks in advance!

Edit: I believe my FLGS can do orders over the phone or through email, but if not OLGS CoolStuffInc and Miniature Market are alternatives to Amazon. :slight_smile:


Quick reminder for any stragglers!

I’ll do the matching this evening :slightly_smiling_face:


Matching done! Could you please PM me the details of where you’d like your gifts posted :slight_smile:


Stragglers? That’s me, in just before the deadline. Thanks for organising @Whistle_Pig!

I’ve found many great games as a result of the recommendations in this forum, so I’m keen for Secret Santa to surprise me with something they think I’d like :slight_smile:

Equally happy with new or second hand.

My Top 25

Rank Game
10 Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
11 Alchemists
12 Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
13 Radlands
14 Carnival of Monsters
15 Just One
16 Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition
17 Wingspan
18 Calico
19 Alhambra: Big Box
20 Verdant
21 Kingdomino Duel
22 Everdell
23 Azul
24 Myrmes
25 Lovelace & Babbage
Games already owned / ordered

Here’s my boardgame geek list

So my main “thing” is lighter end games that will play reasonably well with a second person who likes playing games but isn’t really that into them and prefers fairly light games generally with low amounts of text. I like a little bit of novelty and experimentation. (I generally have all the Oinks I want and all the centuries and Azuls)

my favourite games are

I’m in the UK so whatever sites are easiest from there. I generally purchase from (ie I trust) Meeples Corner, Rules of Play (a bit expensive), Chaos Cards, Firestorm Games, Firestorm Cards and Thirsty Meeples but anywhere is good from inside the UK.

So I got a mystery package today from an OLGS where I have no open preorders—what does it say about me that I had to check? (fun fact I have in fact visited the physical location of this particular one). And I am not participating in any other Secret Santas:

As it is not even advent… I will refrain from peeking and stash it with my self-present (which arrived yesterday) :slight_smile:


Was informed that something was waiting for me at my FLGS. Conveniently I was going there today anyway to check out their Black Friday sales.

Because I would need to update my wishlist, I had to open it early.

Thanks, Santa! You rock!

Cyclops was on my wishlist, and honestly after Tom’s raving about Bohnanza on the “10 Games You SHOULD Play” podcast, and then watching Actualol’s review of it the other day, I was on the fence about picking it up at some point anyway, so great mind read by Santa there.