Secret Santa 2021

This seemed to go down well last year, so…

If you would like to join in with a gift exchange in December, please either PM me or post below.


  • Sign up by 11/11/2021
  • Gift value £15-£20 (or equivalent in your local currency)
  • I’ll use a randomiser to match gifters to giftees
  • Post gift by 30/11/2021

If you want to join in, please post some ideas for your Santa in this thread (or PM me if you prefer). The ideas should be primarily game related. Links to BGG/RPGG/Steam wishlists are probably the easiest way to convey the information, but are by no means mandatory. Links to local online game shops are also helpful, to avoid exorbitant international shipping/customs fees.


I’m in!

Boring details

My “want in trade” list is probably a decent guide to specific things I’m looking for (most of which probably exceed the price limit), while the owned/previously owned lists will show you what I already have and what I’ve got rid of. :slight_smile: Absolutely no objection to good-condition second-hand; I’m a player, not a collector, honest.

Some smallish UK shops I’ve found good:

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Always fun to join in. Thank you for organizing @Whistle_Pig!


Much more of a rpg person than board games but always open to new things.

Here is my drivthrurpg wish list for ideas.

Here is the FLGS.

No food allergies. I read the usual genre fiction and non-fiction history and psychology.

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I’m in. I’ll update post with boring details later.

The dull bit

Ok so the list of my games on BGG are here
I don’t actually use BGG for my want list so these are here:

  • Rallyman Dirt

  • Parade

  • Fox in the forest

  • Caeser

  • Quacks quedlinburg organiser

  • Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen or teen spirit

  • Great western trail

  • Ladies of Troyes

  • Gear locks for TMB

  • Kings dilemma

  • Spirit island

  • Cthulhu death may die

  • Inis seasons

I’m aware many of these blow the budget but have left them here incase them and my game list give santa some inspiration of a game missing from my collection they think I would like.

I’m also not precious about games being second hand. Many of them already are.

Lastly on a non board gaming option loving some fantasy s I do novels recently so feel free to go for that as an option my goodreads is here

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I’ll be in!

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I’m in again, Santa was awesome last year

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

As for my wishlist. I’m captbnut on BGG, anything marked in my collection as ‘want in trade’ please. Happy with second hand. Or things game adjacent - t shirts, art, stuff to bling my highest rated games (like the Great Western Trail draw bags I was made). I have poker chips and pour trays

Also Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, The West Wing, Barbecue stuff, interesting non fiction books.

Thank you in advance Santa!


I’m in too! Santa was very good last year with me too.


Boring details

my username on BGG is the same as here, you can have a look at my collection there, but, I like pretty much any sort of games. I’m too lazy to have prepared a decent wish list… Oh, I am not impartial to second hand games either. Lately, it has been my main source of acquisitions.

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Count me in!

Juicy deets

I have a BGG Wishlist at GabrielHansberry | User Collection | BoardGameGeek, which can be used to reference my interests, though I’m open to almost anything! Boardgame and RPG accessories are also welcome :heart_eyes_cat: I have no qualms about the condition of games, nor do I have allergies, so if you want to throw something at me, go right ahead! :stuck_out_tongue:

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A reminder to sign up for anyone who wants to but hasn’t got around to it yet!


What the heck, let’s give this a go this year. I’m in!


I am COMaestro on BGG as well, and have a wishlist, but am open to things not on it if browsing my collection, someone thinks that a particular game or some accessory would fit my interests, new or used. Oh, coin capsules for Quacks or Orleans would also be welcome (no idea on cost for that).

Orders can be made at my FLGS Rainy Day Games ( by phone or email for pickup, or a second local option is Gongaii Games ( which can also be ordered for pickup but can actually purchase directly from their website. And there’s always,, and the site named for a rainforest if the cost of shipping is not an issue.

Thanks ahead of time!


I don’t have a bgg list :frowning:


Could always go for the more low-fi typing a wish list or clues here. Worked for me last year and Santa made me very happy.

That sounds wrong I apologise.


A BGG list is not mandatory, you can put some suggestions here if you like (either for specific games, or general ideas). If you have a list of what you already have that would be useful for your Santa, so they can avoid giving you a game that you own already :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll participate after all this year. Things are looking calmer to me today. And I feel like I should do some Santa-ing.


I’ve got my collection tracked and updated (including all those preorders) over at BGG. This includes a wishlist. Beware there are all kinds of games on there: OOP, unpublished, games I am only tracking… The whole thing can also be found here where you can easily find that my favorite designers appear to be Reiner Knizia, Uwe Rosenberg and Bruno Cathala at least if you believe the statistics :wink: Boardgame adjacent stuff is also great…

As I live across customs borders from almost everyone here: lists quite a few German shops and I have ordered from most of those at some point–they were all fine :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Okay let’s go for this

My local shop is Rules of Play in Cardiff. They are RRP so that might be a consideration.

Also in the UK.

Happy with anything that can be played 2p with my partner - so lightish and not too much text on cards and off the beaten path (I’ve played all the standards is a fair assumption as a short cut)


I’ll do the matching later today. Could you all please message me the address that you would like your Santa to send things to?

I will also be incredibly lazy and link to my BGG letter to Santa.


More information that might be useful for Santas looking for board game-adjacent gifts (obviously a completely transparent attempt to gather this info from my giftee without asking them directly).

I don’t have a favourite player colour, except not pink. I don’t wear jewellery (or cufflinks). I do use D20s as fidget toys. I collect weird Christmas ornaments. I will wear nerdy t-shirts. Board game-related household items/décor is great. I also have a board game bag I use for conventions onto which I attach embroidered patches.


Well, Secret Santa has been. I know being in NZ is being quite ahead on the clock, but I didn’t expect my gift to arrive so soon.

I had a small peek, and the choice is spot on. My first Knizia, yay!!

Now I have to crack on and get my Santee present ready.


Oh man I’m paralysed between sending too early and worrying about bad mailing times.

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Nobody has to open their gift before Christmas if they don’t want to! You can think of it as a test of their willpower if that helps :laughing: