Rush 'n' Crush PBF race 1

Just a comment, my gear should be a column to the right on Yellow 14…

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@DJCT asked for a die roll:
Up 1 to 16

@DJCT red pool 5d6: 2× 1, 3, 4, 6 for changes

White pool 2d6: 3, 4

Argh. So 1 to the left, 10 forward, 3 steering points to the right and forward 2?

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(Actually the red dice are for heat and the white ones for lane changes, but it doesn’t matter.)

Looks valid. Rocket booster for a ram? Machine gun?

Polite poke to @DJCT.

Apologies - working all day yesterday. Machine gun pls!

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
Point-blank for 3 dice, damage on 1-2: pool 3d6: 2× 1, 3

Over to @Chewy77.

Ow ow ow! And more ow!

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@Chewy77 asked for a die roll:
I think I will stay on speed 14, let’s see how I do for heat and then lane changes


d6: 1

Lane changes

3d6: 4 + 6 + 1 = 11

Fingers crossed

Gotta love these dice… :hot_face:

So one lane change, and one heat more that I eventually will cancel with my extinguisher, plus one more steering point used to end two lanes to the east of DJCT ( my first lane change was to by-pass that land mine on its left hand side)

Somehow, all that heat from before has doomed my chances of safely use a rocket boost, so I hope others crash or hit each other, and stay ahead of Marx for safety…

OK, at 14 I think that leaves you here.

@Marx to finish the round.


@Marx asked for a die roll:
Welp, time to get a little bit dangerous…

Shift up to Yellow 14.
Lane Changes is lowest of pool 4d6: 1, 2, 4, 6
Heat on 1-2 on d6: 5

@Marx asked for a die roll:
No surprises there, so off we go!

Move forward 1 space, dropping a mine at the end of the narrows. Continue pushing the “lay mine” button to hear the satisfying “click-click-click” of successfully deploying all my mines.

Shift 1 lane (Steering Point) to my right (“east”), and then forward until I have to shift one lane to the left (“north”) and into the mine.

Mine explodes on a 1-2 on d6: 5

@Marx asked for a die roll:
Nice dodge, duck, deek, and dodge there, car (if you can dodge a mine, you can dodge a ball!).

One more lane shift North (second-last Steering point… gah…) and then forward for the remainder of my moves (I have me finishing just north-east of that middle block… the 8th space on Chewy’s path from last turn).

Arm the Fire Extinguisher, use the Afterburner to move forward 3 spaces.

I think that’s heat on 1-2 on pool 3d6: 2, 5, 6, but it might be on 1-4. Let’s see!

1 extra heat regardless, and I am done!

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It didn’t make a difference, but: mines detonate on 1-3, rocket booster heat is on 1-2.

Note that your steering points are the ones on the left. It’s Turbo points that are down to 3.

“And they’ve crossed the line! Miss Meteor out in the lead but X-Caliber’s giving her no time to breathe, then Team Zombie coming up fast behind them.”

Round 8 order:

  1. RogerBW
  2. Assussanni
  3. Lordof1
  4. DJCT
  5. Chewy77
  6. Marx