Rush 'n' Crush PBF race 1

Official rules (BGG login needed): Rush 'n' Crush PDF Overdrive Rulebook | Rush n' Crush
Universal Head:
Roger’s rules: rules.pdf (45.6 KB)

Status dump to follow when I’ve finished building it.

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OK. The race is two laps clockwise. Quick guide to the dashboards:

  • on the left, your Steering, Brake and Turbo points
  • across the top, your Structure points
  • down the right side, your Heat points
  • left of centre, your four activatable equipment slots. The lower two are always Rocket Booster and Fire Extinguisher. The upper two are chosen from Machine Gun, Flamer, Side Bumper and Lateral Circular Saw.
  • below those, your two permanent equipment slots, chosen from On-Board Computer (more Steering points), Armor Shielding (more Structure points), Combat Bumper (for rear rams) and Minelayer (plus four mines).
  • right of centre, your gear/rev/speed tracker.

Everything reasonably clear? @Marx @Lordof1 @VictorViper @DJCT @Chewy77


I’m going to have a good sit down and read through all this but it’s all clear to read, at least.


I will read the rules tonight. Thanks!

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Okay, I’ve read @RogerBW 's summary of the rules, which seem to make sense, thank you Roger. All that remains is for me to don my driving gloves, flying goggles, and tight leather shorts. May the best driver lose, and me win! BrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ack ack ack ack ack!


Oh, I will have a good read later on lunch break (which would be somebody’s night, and somebody’s morning depending on what side of the Atlantic you are)

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Are the feats on our cars public? I cannot see why not, but I’d rather ask…

Absolutely. No hidden information here.

OK, order in the round is front to back, with ties being broken in favour of the car that arrived there first. For the first round, I’ll make that tiebreaker random. So we have:

Round 1


Okay let’s give this a try: Accelerate (to 4 I think)
Move 4 steps around the track (no lane changes).
Activate flamer and booster.

I think that’s a turn?

Yes, looks valid to me.

Over to @Marx.

(For clarity, the square translucent grey blocks that mark the starting line are not obstacles. Practically everything else is.)

The only thing I don’t quite understand is Lane Shifts. While we’re at Blue speeds we only get a Lane Shift possibly at Speed 6 or higher? And at the same time we might gain heat based on the red die… or is that only if we’re at Yellow speeds?

And we have Steering Points which we can spend to make a guaranteed Lane Shift as well… that part I kinda get.

Either way, I will accelerate and move 4 spaces forward without any Lane Shifts. I will then activate Buzzsaw and Machinegun.

If you’re at speed (i.e. horizontal row) 5 or below, you get infinite lane shifts. 6-10, you roll some number of dice (right side of the display), and take the highest. 11-16, you roll and take the lowest. 18, you get none. In any of these cases you can then spend steering points to get more.

You roll heat dice based on the coloured zone your gear stick is in. Yellow zone, one heat die.

@DJCT to play.

(Correction since I managed to push the top right track board out of place.)

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How do I know which of the 2 things I have?

Apologies. And then move 4 and come in 1 if that is all viable. Once I know what I have I will consider activating it!

The icons on your dashboard. So you have:


  • side bumper
  • machine gun
  • rocket booster
  • fire extinguisher


  • combat bumper
  • minedropper
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Ta - activate rocket booster …