Ross is Leaving……Earth

Ok, so now I own Leaving Earth I’d thought I’d chronicle a couple of set ups, staring with the base game (with Mercury)

Starting with a very hard game…

151 points available. To win I need 76…


I think the first thing you should do is science. Science may be the second thing you go as well.

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Oh very best of luck! Love that game. Still wishing for a physical meat copy thing.


Remember, the number of available points can decrease during the game, which means the number needed would also decrease.

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Initial thoughts. I’m going with to have to get Saturns to get the manned Mars mission up.

I need to get everywhere surveyed quick. If only to confirm if there is any extraterrestrial life. .

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Designer’s preferred rule is that you do have to survey everywhere, even the locations that you as a player know don’t have life cards.

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Yep. Even those areas I know can’t have a life card….


You’ve reminded me that I need to get this out again soon. I vaguely recall adding outer planets in at least once, but not sure I ever touched stations. Might have to write myself notes as I re-read the rules!

Let us know how it goes :alien::rocket::earth_africa::full_moon:


Quick update to 1960.

Saturns and Juno’s fully tested. Luckily the Saturn with a payload only suffered a minor failure. Happy to report all my explosions have happened on earth and full rendezvous testing was (quite) kind.

1961 will begin by surveying some locations and working out how far I can stretch Ion thrusters….


Mine too, bro. Mine too

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You would think it is better to have explosions in space with no air… but then there is the issue of how far is the workshop to do the repairs.


Today I learnt that the last astronauts to fly around the moon were called Commander Moonikin Campos, Helga, and Zohar.

Now up to the beginning of 1966.

A few locations revealed.

Surveying failed, as did the ions on my probes to ceres and Venus.

I am happy to report my mission to survey Mars and retrieve a Phobos sample are successfully on their way.


Today I learned that the Kazakh government might have seized a lot of Russian rockets over an unpaid bill.

Back in 1969 I’ve found a lot of places and a lot of life.


Amoebae are from Mars, paramecia are from Venus?


What this does mean is I don’t have to go to Mercury!

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I like the Wetlands in Venus. They maybe made with sulphuric acid, but they are extensive! That’s a win-win!

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Just about made it. (Incomplete cards flipped)

Had a hairy re-entry but got away with it.

Sadly not enough cash to get the Mars base up and running in time.

Every game of leaving earth has a mistake in it.

In my case it’s having the right tech for different capsules.

Question. Can I use an Eagle to test life support? What about a shuttle?


Yeah, I think anything with seats for astronauts will do.

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It’s just weird. I can have an eagle capsule before I buy life support, but only test after I have life support….

Well, necessary simplification really I think. Unless you’re going to break components down into “life support hardware” etc. (which I wouldn’t mind, but it’s a long enough game already) you end up with the option to add life support to a capsule while it’s a long way from Earth.