Robo Rally (2016) - Lost Bearings

You will need a copy of the Robo Rally 2016 rules, not only for general setup but for the details of the market cards.

Tile graphics by me, though the good-looking bits are from as usual.

If you want to play, post in response and let me know what colour robot you’d prefer. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.) Once I know how many players there will be, I’ll deal the initial market cards and you can choose starting locations.


What rules? (“Advanced”? Something else?)

Is there a difference between blue and green conveyor belts?

If using different start positions those look really unbalanced.

I’m happy with orange, and if I get to choose my start, I’ll definitely be starting at the bottom-most spot.

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Oooh! Orange! Dang, too slow! Yellow, please.

Advanced rules, in that you keep your unplayed cards in hand.

Blue conveyor belts move you twice, thus the extra arrowheads.

Yes, the start positions are one of the problems of this version. The overpoweringness of Crab Legs is another. For this game I’ll try one of the fan variants: Crab Legs lets you use a Move 1 (the Move 1 card, not an “Again” or something else that gives you that effect) as a “move one space directly left or right without changing facing”, decided at the time of resolution.

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Blue please! :smile:

Ah yes, I hadn’t noticed. But that does mean there’s no functional difference on this particular map.


(Some of the other boards have what I can only assume are major misprints, a line of conveyors all going in the same direction except that one is reversed…)

Oh hey, can this be my marker?

Edit: actually, not ideal with the arrow pointing that way. I’ll turn it around when I get a chance.


Give me green or give me death! Wait this is Robo Rally, okay I’ll take both green and death please.


Violet please. Although I won’t be shrinking! Unless, y’know, I go under a crusher.


OK, one more space for Red if anyone fancies it…

Colour me interested. And red I guess.

I’ve not played before so I’ll need to read through the rules before I’m ready to go, which I will start doing shortly.

OK, random order for initial placement (because “youngest player” would require me to ask…)

Pick a cogwheel on the left side of the map. You’ll be visiting flags in the order 1-4.

Colour Player Energy Goals Upgrades
Green InkyBloc 5
Yellow pillbox 5
Blue Minato 5
Orange Benkyo 5
Red Assussanni 5
Violet Lordof1 5

Are we allowed to have more than one player start at each cog?

No, only one robot per square. But you can choose your initial facing.

Hey, I might be the youngest, who knows?

I’ll start on the southernmost starting space.

@Benkyo I’m only familiar with this version; what is the starting positioning like in the original?

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Initial Market:

Recompile (t) [1]
Tractor Beam {p} [3]
Spam Blocker (t) [3]
Repeat Routine (t) [3]
Recharge (t) [0]
Zoop (t) [1]
Rear Laser {p} [2]

B9 please

this is probably worth at least 20 characters

[edit] Ha! I swear I pay attention!

How about: A7

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You all start in the same place as ‘virtual’ robots, only becoming real at the end of a turn when there’s only you in a square. It’s a little unsatisfying - this makes more sense.


That does give it a sort of appropriately gladiatorial feel, though.

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