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Camomile tea for me, I think.


We have another five year old approved game. This is the first card game that has had her thinking on the strategy. Discovering that cards can offer “protection” and that burying another player’s castle piece can delay their victory have been things she was able to observe herself over the course of three playthroughs.


‪Picked up Firefly: the board game at UK games expo - really good fun! Currently playing with myself, and considering a rim job from Fanty and Mingo.‬



They really ought to pay me a commission…


Visited friends yesterday and Tina took along a bag of games mostly bought at the UK Games Expo and as yet unplayed. In the end we only had time to try one, Tsuro of the Seas.

It went well overall, although I need to have a look at the rules because one vital part seemed highly ambiguous to me. Tina had played the previous game in the series, which doesn’t feature ship-wrecking storm dragons wandering randomly across the board; her initial judgment was that she preferred it to this sequel, but it’s possible to play this one in the same way.

Very quick to play and set up was minimal.


I saw the TableTop play of …of the Seas and wasn’t enthused, but I still like the clean mechanics of the original. (With a really terrible explanation of what you do when you run out of tiles, but otherwise well written.)


Been playing Jurassic Park pic3950278
It plays well and is pretty scary on either side.

It’s one player playing the predators against the characters trying to escape.

3-4 players play the characters so it’s co-op versus a single player-enemy.
Lots of knife edge victories and defeats.


My 1980s-computer-game mind still gets edgy about licenced games. I know that many of them are very good (Firefly is one of my favourites, and I’m very fond of Homeland) but I still have that moment of hesitation.


Did not warm to Tsuro when we played it.
Is Firefly meant to be played solo?


It’s not a primary design goal, but it’s certainly possible. The BGG community has come up with ways to adapt the non-solo story cards (win conditions) for solo play.


Grokked King of Tokyo

Grandson less chuffed.

But we both loved Boss Monster


I played Boss Monster once and found it quite swingy and take-that-ish – which isn’t my usual taste, though I wouldn’t claim that makes it a bad game.

Nice tablecloth! Have you managed to find a globe-spanning game to play with that map yet?


I don’t mind swingy take that games.

It’s a great tablecloth, from Dunelm by the metre?