Rebuilding your collection for $500/£500/€500

I typically don’t like the “you can only keep X games, what do you choose” challenges among the community. But this one got me thinking: am I savvy enough to build a “me” collection from $500?

This is quitessentially @lalunaverde’s “Reverse Kondo” – if it sparked joy before, does it still spark enough joy to buy it again?

Lenses: The American Secondary Market

I’ve been a deal-hound for a while on the BGG auction scene and, to some lesser degree, GeekMarket listings.

So if I were somehow removed from my collection and given $500 to rebuild, what would I do? Well, first off, I would disregard any tax and shipping fees, because that’s just too difficult. Secondly, I would keep an eye on GeekMarket and BGG Auctions, because I live in, near enough, the exact center of the US and it’s easy enough to ship things right to my door from a wide variety of BGG users. Here’s what I’ve come up with, mostly pandering to my solo gaming tendencies but also allowing for multiplayer opportunies.

Game Price
1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties $35.00
1824: Austrian-Hungarian Railway (Second Edition) $60.00
Millennium Blades $60.00
Concordia Venus $45.00
Spirit Island $35.00
Kanban EV $90.00
Clinic: Deluxe Edition Bundle $110.00
Silent Victory $55.00
TOTAL $490

So those prices are taken from the GeekMarket as of today, 2023-11-07. The Clinic Bundle, in particular, is quite nice and actually contains more content than I currently have for about as much as I’ve already spent on buyinhg Clinic stuff. And while this mostly plays towards my solo-gaming tendencies, Millennium Blades is a surefire multiplayer “win” with a couple of my friends. And, admittedly, this is accounting for one friend in particular having some games I could borrow or play with in a pinch.

And, yeah, there’s a part of me that wanted to put 1862 and 18OE as the only two entries; easily had for $500, but somewhat limiting on the scope of gaming available. I have come to appreciate that I really enjoy 18xx games with Minors that “grow up” – surely one of my favorite mechanisms I’ve experienced so far – but dual-gauge is still untested and I think I may prefer that over even Minors (18Ireland, anyone?)

Lenses: American Retail – a preferred online retailer in Wisconsin

Game Cost
Cthulhu: Death May Die $74.80
Bullet♥ $27.19
Concordia Venus Base Game $54.36
Concordia Solitaria $17.84
Ra $32.29
Lords of Waterdeep $35.07
Men at Work $32.29
Star Wars: Outer Rim $50.99
Aeon’s End: The New Age or Outcasts (Generic Stand-in) $40.80
Horizons of Spirit Island $19.52
AuZtralia $44.17
Millennium Blades $54.40
(Print and Play supplies to make my own copy of 1862) $16.28
TOTAL $500

Certainly, forced through retail channels, I would get more game-variety, but less deep-diveable content on any specific game.

What about you? What would you do?


Ooh, this needs some thought.


I’m starting to come to the conclusion that this should be my basis for deciding which games to keep. If I lost it in a fire, would I buy it again? If not, then why keep it?


This is the way


This would be a very depressing exercise for me, because I would just see how much cheaper everything could be if I had access to a large second hand market.


I recently did a “would I rebuy” pass over my geekgroup app. I had two levels. So I selected the first and checked prices. My OG rebuy list was over 800,- almost 900,- when including the must have expansions for Spirit Island, Terraforming Mars and Star Wars:Outer Rim.

The cuts were very hurtful but Terraforming Mars (both OG and Dice Game), Outer Rim, Star Wars: The DB (as replacement for Star Realms), Revive, Trailblazers, Beyond the Sun, Clank! Catacombs and Menara had to go. And Naturopolis is simply unavailable here atm.

Leaving me with:

  • Ark Nova
  • Cascadia
  • The Crew Mission Deap Sea
  • Dune Imperium
  • Hardback
  • Just One
  • Pax Pamir 2nd
  • Space Base
  • Spirit Island (+ 1st expansion)
  • Sprawlopolis
  • Winter Kingdom
  • Bohnanza
  • Nusfjord

There is about 15€ left in the Budget at this point which would get me a used copy of RftG or a used copy of T&E. Probably RftG.

I checked other used game prices but none of the games I would want are significantly cheaper that I would want a used copy.

edit: German editions are significantly cheaper btw.
edit 2: my full rebuy list with both 1st round and 2nd round of rebuys has 50 games. (geekgroup)


Cthulhu Wars is out of the question then, eh?

S-Rocket + expansion 30
Innovation 3rd ed 15
TGZ 50
FCM 70
Indo 80
Bus 60
Pax Renaissance 60
Chicago Express 25
The Estates 45
Zoo Vadis 55
Sum 490

I’ll pick up a filler game like Coup for the remaining 10 quid

EDIT: 2nd hand market in the UK is hella good


I’m going to lazily use @lalunaverde’s research for 2 games.

  1. FCM 62
  2. Indonesia 80
  3. Cthulhu Wars 270
  4. Burano 21
  5. Hanabi 7
  6. 6 Nimmt! 5
  7. 18Mex 50

Total £495 so I could also buy a normal deck of cards.

This is predicated on the current BGG bundle of Cthulhu Wars in £s with a bunch of extra content including my favourite factions Bubastis and Sleeper. 8 total factions and High Priests gives longevity and a second map. Marvelous.

There are some cuts that are really difficult, top of that list is Spirit Island. Thing is it’s also really expensive as I’d not want just the base game, Branch and Claw, Jagged earth and Nature Incarnate would all be mandatory for me. Mottainai I’d also be distraught to lose. There’s more in this bracket but maybe not the point of this thread.

I’m actually at a point where I’m pretty happy with my collection. I have 3 games on the sell pile and I can’t feel anymore that need it currently. So this exercise feels weird as I’ve already tightened up hugely, the bit that’s more annoying is that Primal the Awakening is finally on the horizon and I’m not convinced I have the space for it as things stand but can’t sell more for space as I want all my games. Got the collection down to 80 with 3 inbound which is way more than £500 but also exactly what I want currently.


270 for CW + High Priest + All Factions?


Not all factions, 4 of them extra. Sleeper, Bubastis, Opener of the Way and Windwalker so most of the best ones. Just missing Deamon Sultan for my top rated.


Going on

  1. Power Grid + 2 maps £54
  2. Race for the Galaxy + 1 arc expansion box £65
  3. Ticket to Ride £32
  4. Carcassonne £30
  5. For Sale Autorama £30
  6. Codenames £12
  7. El Grande £53
  8. 6Nimmt! £10
  9. Botswana £8
  10. Ra £43
  11. Zoo Vadis £45
  12. Iberian Gauge £34
  13. Scout £17
  14. Sushi Go £12
  15. Klask £45

Total £490 (I think)

You all like the heavy stuff here, I’ve offloaded that to my gaming buddies


$500 CAD is a much tougher task than £500…

I would load up on my favorite smaller card games (~$160):
Skull King, Scout, The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, Ohanami, Hanabi, Hanamikoji, High Society and For Sale

Add a couple of party games: (~$125)
Avalon, Decrypto, Codenames: Duet, Just One, Camel Up

Add some euros (~$215)
Brass: Birmingham, Castles of Burgundy, Hansa Teutonica: Big Box, Blue Lagoon, Spirit Island with Branch and Claw


I mean, it could be worse. I could ask Benkyo which deck of cards he’d buy with ¥500


Well, this just won’t work. I mean, I’m up to $415.22 on replacing my Unmatched sets alone, and it doesn’t include Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, Bruce Lee, or Deadpool! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual list:
Lords of Waterdeep - $30.99
Concordia - $42.99
Lords of Vegas - $59.96 for a pre-order of the new edition (so at least Up! is included)
Mysterium - $34.99
Everdell - $57.99
Spirit Island - $59.99
Kingdomino - $14.99
Lost Cities - $13.99
Marvel Champions - $41.99
Orleans - $47.96
Quacks of Quedlinburg - $39.99
Ra - $33.99
Star Wars the Deckbuilding Game - $21.90
Taverns of Tiefenthal - $38.49
Ticket to Ride: London - $12.49
Tyrants of the Underdark - $44.99

This was my first pass through my games, but puts me about $100 over the limit. So considering what I will realistically play regularly, I think have to drop Spirit Island and either Tyrants of the Underdark or Orleans. Not that I want to, I really like Spirit Island as well as both Tyrants and Orleans, but all the other games on the list get played more frequently.

Kingdomino, Lost Cities, SW tDG, and TtR:L are easy to break out and play when we have 30 minutes of free time, and they are some of our most played games, so it makes sense to get them again.

Then there are the games we just really have fun with, like Quacks and Taverns, Ra, Everdell, and Concordia. My wife loves LoW and Mysterium, and we all love LoV, so they are no-brainers to repurchase.

SI is one I have only played solo, and it usually takes me a good 90-120 minutes to play, so it’s not something that I can break out real quick. I can do that with Marvel Champions and put together a scenario that should last no more than an hour, so that gives me something to solo that takes less time and can be expanded upon over time.

Much as I love Unmatched, my wife only plays it to appease me, it’s not a game she particularly enjoys as she does not like the theme of directly attacking the other player, so I can’t justify repurchasing it all. I’m hoping she might enjoy the Tales to Amaze box, since it’s co-op, but as it is currently unplayed, it’s not on my salvage list.

Admittedly, these are online retailer prices, so it’s possible I could find used copies around that would bolster my budget a little.


Don’t worry, man. I’d sell you my Bruce Lee for $500.


It better come with a foil card for that price.


I’ve never understood the appeal. But for you, my friend, anything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even with 50,000, which is a somewhat fairer comparison, I’d probably only be able to get about 3 games in English.

That said, the £500 = $500 line of thinking seems odd to me, with my valuation of the currencies still stuck in the 90s/00s, where I think the comparison was more like 1.5 to 2 USD to 1 GBP.


Same, but today it more like $1 = £0.80