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Hello, I just finished watching Quinns video on SU&SD and boy, looks like fun.

I have had the odd look around, but I was wondering if the collective hive can suggest other PnP solo games that are worth a look at. Seems like there are a fair few gems to discover out there.


I’m pretty pleased with Black Sonata, a solo PnP hidden movement deduction game.

I’ve also recently printed the free Air, Land, and Sea edition. I haven’t played that one yet due to it being completely outside of my partner’s interest in games.

I downloaded Supermarche so looking at that over the weekend. I made a copy of Deep Space D6 which got a few plays a while ago but haven’t looked at it for a while now. It was pretty good but don’t recall ever winning it: poor dice rolls if most cases if I remember.


ALS must be ripe for an easy retheme? The wording on the cards isn’t thematic.

Even if you me keep the war theme the colour palette is dreadful for colour discrimination.

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I had actually given serious thought to doing a retheme of AL&S before they released the official PnP files. Honestly, I didn’t come up with any inspiration for the retheme or I would have.

That said, it doesn’t play that dissimilar, at first glance, to Piñata (a retheme itself of Balloon Cup) that my partner and I really enjoy. Perhaps it could be shoehorned into that theme.

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I have a folder on my Google Drive with over 200 print-and-play titles downloaded and this was not one of them. Which leaves me to question: how did I go so wrong?

I definitely need to check this one out.

This one was in my hoard of PnP files and maybe it got pushed up the priority list a tad after hearing it mentioned.


Whoa. In my wheelhouse, this.

Full disclosure: I’ve been part of the Solitaire PnP contest run on the BGG forums for several years now, as well as several others. I’ll be running the Children’s Game Contest from this year forward, and likely acting as an assistant organizer for the solo contest to help out the new point person, Caroline Berg, too.

That said, I feel weird promoting my own stuff, so if you want check out anything I’ve designed, you’ll have to hunt it down on BGG. I’m bgarthwaite over there.

Anyway, here’s a somewhat random, hastily assembled list of PnP games (that I haven’t designed) worth looking into. Some of these I know from having printed and played, others by reputation.

12 Patrols by Scott Czysz
Agent Decker by Manuel Correia
Black Sonata by John Kean
Crystallo by Liberty Kifer
Disloyal Royals by Brad Perry
Fallen Angels by John Kean
Guildhaven City by Mike Heim
Maquis by Jake Staines
Mechanical Beast by Ben Morayta
Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden by Todd Sanders
Orchard: A 9-Card Solitaire Game by Mark Tuck
Pocket Landship by Scott Czysz
Raging Bulls by Mark Tuck
Royal Espionage by Rachel Bruner
Seasons of Rice by Corry Damey
Under Falling Skies by Tomas Uhlir

In addition to the annual solo contest, there are or have been contests focused on 9-card games, 18-card games, games that fit inside a mint tin, 54-card-only games, 2-player games, roll and write games, games to play with your kids, and more. Dig and ye shall find.

Want to do a really deep dive? John Kean’s been maintaining a geeklist of all of the winners of the various forums contests hosted on BGG. Good luck!

Chris Hansen runs the Print and Play Games News blog, tracking all of the free PnP games available through the BoardGameGeek site. So. Many. Free. Games.

My sincere apologies if any of these are no longer free PnPs. Every so often something gets picked up for publication and the files disappear.

ALSO! The PnP community tends to attract folks who just like making games for the sake of doing so. If you enjoy a game by a certain designer, there’s a fair chance that something else of theirs will tickle you, too.


In my house it would be Star Wars, Harry Potter or Disney.

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I did just try out the Bathysphere game, and it is definitely interesting. I found myself just peeking at the next map, and then playing it. I still don’t think I’m very good at it, but hopefully that will change!

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It might not last very long, but I had some fun with:

and some dice.