Podcast #149 - The Great Big Earthy Interview



It’s a very special episode of the SU&SD podcast! Are you gonna learn about drugs? NO.

Instead, Matt talks to tabletop veteran Andrew Navaro about his career and also Earthborne Games, a fascinating new publisher with a focus on sustainability. Did you know playing cards can’t be recycled?! Jilikers.

It was interesting to hear Andrew talk about his sudden realisation that “sustainable” isn’t just a label people put on things but the opposite of “unsustainable” – as though the people who came up with the term in the late 1970s hadn’t done so specifically with that in mind.

That said, while I realise this is mostly about his time at FFG, I thought it was a bit short on actual details of the new stuff. During the heavily green-focussed Kickstarter is a bit late to be saying “we’re still looking for manufacturing partners and we haven’t actually committed to specific materials”.

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So, it appears the Kickstarter campaign is being used as a litmus test to determine viability of the manufacturing approach. Sounds surprisingly like the original use-case for Kickstarter (but possibly without the realization of that by those pledging, which is a heinous pitfall that, sadly, cannot seem to be avoided)


Oh I did think from the start this is a lithmus test to see how well „sustainable“ runs. Part of my reason for backing is to help this test succeed in getting enough attention. You have to start somewhere. I am under no illusion that this is but a very small step in the right direction but I am a firm believer in taking that small step because if you don‘t you are definitely not getting anywhere.