[PbP] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Discussion Thread

This is the discussion thread to accompany the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay PbP game.

The idea is to use this thread is to host out of character discussions to try and help keep the story following in the main thread. It is open for everyone - spectators and players alike.

For the players - I have the old threads from the SU&SD forums saved, so please let me know if there’s anything specific from those that you want to access.


I nabbed the great PC portraits made by @Griffster77 from the old forum. I believe that he made them using an app called ReRoll if anyone is interested.

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This warms my cockles @Scribbs

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This is amazing, and I’m so glad we’re back :relaxed:


Pace will likely still be unfortunately slow from my side, but I’ll try to keep the game ticking over.


Hey, @Scribbs (or maybe @Griffster77) ; since you have the thread saved, can you confirm something for me? Has it really been a year since we started? I think I remember us starting in may/june… But it does not feel like so long ago!

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I don’t think that it has been a year yet; my instinct was that we started later in the year, maybe August? I’ll have a look at the saved thread tomorrow and will get back to you.

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Apparently you’ve got a better memory than I do!
We started putting characters together late May, with the first post of the game on 5th June.

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Hey! Congrats us! :tada::tada::tada:


Posting this here as a refresher for some players, and for the first time for others.


Combat is organised into a number of rounds. A round is enough time for all characters (and NPCs) to
attempt a test and to move.

Each combatant has a turn, in which they can move and perform one action.

Each combatant takes their turn in Initiative characteristic order; highest Initiative goes first.

Movement should be self-explanatory – you character goes from one place to another. There are different
speeds, like walking or running. As humans, you can walk about 8 yards a round, or run 16. I’m not going
to use a map/grid for combat, so don’t worry about the precise distances.

In combat, your Action is used to do something. Describe what you want your Character to do, and I will tell you if you need to make a Test to succeed at your planned Action. Typically it will be something like attacking with a weapon or trying to shoot something, but it could also be trying to evade an enemy, or
going on the defensive to protect yourself. Climbing typically won’t require tests unless it is particularly
challenging; however, it will typically slow you down. There isn’t a set list of actions as in previous additions
of WFRP, allowing for a lot more flexibility about what a character can attempt in combat.
Moving is simultaneous with you action, so you can run and hurdle a fence, or charge into combat to attack
a foe.
Attacking is probably the most common combat actions, so worth going through quickly.

Step 1. Do you hit?
For melee combat, you will make an Opposed Melee test against your opponent. Both you and your
opponent will roll to test your melee skill. Whoever scores the highest SL wins. If you win, you hit your
enemy and gain +1 Advantage. If you lose, your opponent gains +1 Advantage and your turn ends. (Important note. You can oppose incoming melee attacks with more than just your melee skill. Dodge is an obvious choice, but you could also argue for the use of Intimidate, Charm or Leadership – roleplay it
adequately for the situation and you’ll find I will allow most things.)

For ranged combat, your foe must be in range and you simply test your ranged skill for the weapon you are using. If you are successful, you hit and gain +1 Advantage. If you fail, your action is over.

If you happen to roll a double when attacking, that can be good or bad. If you succeed at the test and hit a
double, that’s a critical. Fail the test with a double, then that is a fumble. A critical causes an automatic
Critical Wound. A fumble means you get to roll on the Oops! Table. A fumble that is also an even number
when using blackpowder weapons represents a misfire, which is not good at all…

Step 2. Where did you hit?
If an attack roll lands a hit, you reverse the roll to find out where this strikes your foe. So a 48 to hit would
land on location 84, which is the left leg.

Step 3. Determine Damage
Each weapon has a damage characteristic, which is usually your Strength Bonus for melee weapons or a fixed number for ranged weapons. You take the SL of your opposed test and add it to the weapon damage
to give your total damage.
i.e. Total Damage = Weapon Damage + SL

Step 4. Apply Damage
Any armour protecting the hit location and the toughness bonus of the target get subtracted from the total
damage. Any remaining damage is suffered as wounds by the target. If all the damage is soaked by
armour and/or toughness bonus, an attack will still deal a minimum of 1 wound. Should wounds lost exceed the remaining wounds, then the target takes a Critical Wound. These are the nasty things like bleeding conditions, permanent damage like limb loss, and death.

That’s the basics. More as we get into the cut and thrust of combat in gameplay.

Advantage is mentioned a few times above. It represents you momentum in combat, and is gained when
you defeat and outwit your foes.

Advantage stacks as you are successful in combat. Each Advantage you secure gives you +10 to any
appropriate combat test. For example 5 Advantage gives you a huge +50 bonus to hit, defend etc.
You lose Advantage if you lose an Opposed test during combat, suffer a condition or suffer any Wounds. If
one of these things happens, all your accumulated Advantage is lost in one go.

Lastly, if you accrued no Advantage during your turn, you lose one Advantage at the end of the Round;
being outnumbered at the ebd of the Round will also lose you 1 Advantage.

Advantage can also be used to disengage from combat.

This will also all become clear as we play!

((Also, apologies for erratic pace - my work is (partially) opening up again from next week, and things have been a little manic in ironing out the details)).

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Apparently I’ve left the pen drive with the up to date character sheets/other related files in my office at work. It will be Tuesday before I can grab it again. Apologies, it will probably slow the spending of any XP.

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No worries. I’m happy to carry on and just spend the XP when we get it


By the way, has anyone listened to the Grim Podcast of Perilous Adventure?

If you’re ever hoping to play the Enemy Within campaign (as a player), don’t listen to it as it basically a playthrough of the campaign. Its fun tho.

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Sorry for the delay folks. Work got extremely busy, and then I fell foul to an inner ear infection, which I’m still trying to shake off.


Urgh! It sounds painful! Take care!

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No worries. Whenever youre ready. Get better fella.

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I hope you’re feeling better @Scribbs :+1:


Thanks. I’m desperately trying to find the headspace to get this going again. Between the bout of illness and work, I’ve got nothing left at the moment. For example, it took until 2.30pm yesterday until I could find the time for my first cup of coffee for the day. So huge apologies again, and thank you all for the patience.


Please, take all the time you need! :call_me_hand:

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