[PbP D&D 5e] Recruitment and Discussion

Hello! I’m Sagantine, and I used to run and participate in PbP (we called 'em ‘play by forum’, which actually seems redundant considering that they were on a forum) on the SUSD forum. I juuuust started a game there, not sure how many made it over (and would like to continue), but the players are:


Other people are welcome to play, as player characters or as NPC-style guest characters. I’m opening it up in order to get things started here, feel free to drop in!

My style of play is very story-focused. I like to make extremely detailed environments and NPCs that like to talk. I like the world to feel real, and allow independent exploration without penalties. I do, however penalize two things:

NPC behaviour in players - player characters must have a reason to stay with the party, and goals that aline with the party’s goals. Even if your character’s central motivation is ‘become my own legend’ they must also believe, for as long as you are playing them ‘I do that through being in this party’. Otherwise, they are simply an NPC, and are controlled by ME. This is, after all, a social game.


Murderhobos. Normal people in my world are shocked and appalled by needless killing and are extremely unlikely to fight to the death. People are morally grey - what is right and wrong is black and white. Basically, newtonian physics applies here, in all areas.

I haven’t 100% settled on a campaign setting. I always make them up from scratch. What is everyone feeling? High fantasy/low? Dark ages? It’s gonna be in the wheelhouse of D&D style fantasy, obviously, because I don’t have time to retool classes etc.

I would love to still be involved with this game.

Thanks for bringing it over

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Me too, and I’m happy with high or low fantasy, probably more so than dark ages

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I’m obviously still up for it! And psyched too !

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Oooh Oooh! Me please!

…If there is room of course. If not, no drama! :slight_smile:


Sure there is! Welcome aboard!

Alright everyone, I have some polls for you to fill out. I can’t explain what they mean, only know that they will affect the setting I end up creating!

  • Magic is plentiful
  • Magic is common
  • Magic is rare

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  • I like intrigue and politics best
  • I prefer adventure and exploration
  • I am interested in the drama of an ongoing war

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  • Giants?!
  • Crystals?!
  • Mutants?!

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I’m intrigued, but don’t expect I have reliable enough free time to be involved. Looking forward to following along, though. As I’m flying by the seat of my pants in my own 5e campaign, it’ll be reassuring to watch some more seasoned folks play the game without resolving every interaction with swords and Fireball spells.

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Wait, what? Oh no! Haha :joy:


Testing something:

Do we have a dice roller?
[roll 1d10]

Maybe discobot?

@discobot roll 1d10

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:game_die: 10


I’m working on the setting at the moment and we’ll go through character creation soon (we’ll be making lvl 3 characters). There might be a bit of a delay because life is repeatedly punching me in the face right now, but hopefully soon.

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Poll again!

  • I’m with the underdog
  • I like a STRONG leader

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Again, you’ll find out what this means soon!

Before I elucidate the basics of the setting (please fill in the final poll!), I like to start by rolling abilities! I use the classic method - roll 6 sets of 4d6, and take the best 3 of each set. You may do this twice, and then pick the set you like best! If you really hate them, I’ll give you one more chance to roll (but you gotta stick to that one!).

What makes a good ability set?
The scores are used to generate a ‘modifier’ which is applied to rolls. A roll of 10-11 is a +0 modifier as it represents being average in that ability. A negative modifier could represent being smaller than normal, having bad eyesight, or being a bit clueless, depending on which ability score you assign it to.
High scores are good because they mean stronger performance in the ‘game’ side of things. However, low scores are often a better hook for roleplaying. Once we’ve rolled scores we’ll talk about the setting, and how your characters fit in, and then we’ll look at Races/Classes etc.

Also: please feel 100% comfortable rolling up the values at home (instead of using discobot). You can post a picture of your roll if you’d like, or just summarize the numbers!

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Sorry, I’m probably being a bit dense here. Can I just make sure I’m doing this right?

  1. Roll 4d6, 6 times.
  2. Each time I take the best 3, and best = highest numbers?
  3. At the end I have 6 sets of 3 numbers.
  4. If I want to then, I can go back and do steps 1-3 again and choose which sets of 3 I want to keep?

I just wanted to make sure that best was highest really, and that I can do it all twice, thanks.

Okay, assuming that was right, here you go! I’m not sure what to pick, as I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be modifying and to what extent. I’d probably go the the 2nd as it looks like a better spread of score?

Set 1

1st roll 6 4 3 2
2nd roll 3 3 3 2
3rd roll 6 5 3 2
4th roll 6 3 2 2
5th roll 6 6 2 1
6th roll 6 6 4 1

Set 2

1st roll 6 5 4 2
2nd roll 4 3 2 1
3rd roll 5 5 2 1
4th roll 6 5 3 2
5th roll 6 6 3 1
6th roll 5 4 2 1

And here’s the evidence (and my :


I’m going to try discobot

@discobot roll4d6

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I’ll get the dice! @RogerBW says he’ll install a dice roller tomorrow

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