Oh No, I'm Late to the MCR Concert & I Have an Extra Ticket! - recruiting


Alright friends, I put this out there back on the old forums when I backed it initially and now it’s in my hot little hand and its time to recruit. Please let me know if anyone is interesting in playing this game, described thusly:

It’s a dark and chilly night in New Jersey and you have two tickets to the My Chemical Romance concert across town starting soon. This poses three issues: you have little time to get there, and you have an extra ticket to the concert and no date. On top of that, you have to get across these Jersey alleys on Friday the 13th, when all the cryptids are out. Of course, this last part could also be the solution to your extra ticket…

It’s not a game that requires a ton of players, so I’m going to cap it at 4. I think it should be a fun lark for us all so if you’re interested please post here and I’ll get started on the set up on my end in the mean time. :slight_smile:

Also - does anyone know if the dice roll function is built in to this forum as it was in the old one? If so, can someone share the command for that here? Thank you :slight_smile:


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:game_die: 1, 4, 6, 1

perfect, thank you!

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@RossM asked for a die roll:
4d6: 3 + 6 + 3 + 4 = 16

I’m interested, I think!

I saw the title on the old thread and didn’t read it because I thought you had tickets you were trying to get rid of.

What is the game?


You and the other players make your way through Jersey trying to find a date among the cryptids you encounter (or fight them) before time runs out and the concert starts :slight_smile: Basically.


Kickstarter TTRPG ‘Zine’:


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Flagged this post for removal. I’ll be going on vacation in a couple of days and unable to run the game.
So, if anyone does actually want to give it a try i’ll post again when I get back.

Thanks anyways.

I’ll un-flag it, but close the thread for the moment. Shoot me a PM when you want it opened again.

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Hey gang -
I’m back home and recruiting for this game again if anyone might be interested :slight_smile:


I’m up for this


I am still up fr the original, original post! Count me in (unless I’m taking a spot someone else want!)


@Cokho @Captbnut

That’s great!
Thanks you two. I’ll leave it until Friday and then set up the PBF :slight_smile:


Ok -
In the interest of getting this moving -

@Cokho and @Captbnut will be my players for this particular adventure :slightly_smiling_face:
First thing to do is create your characters, which is a really simple process

You have 5 points to split between: Speed \ Strength \ Endurance
These stats are likely pretty obvious, battle related stats. Speed determines your likelihood to hit and be hit. Strength determines how much damage you give. Endurance determines how much damage you take.

You have 5 points to split between: Charm \ Looks \ Mystique
These are slightly less obvious, romance related stats. For certain cryptids, Looks will provide an immediate boost for romance, for other cryptids, Mystique will do that. Charm is a modifer for romancing and flirting.

You also get to choose a weapon! You can choose a Switchblade (+Speed), Brass Knuckles (+Strength), Bat with Nails (+Endurance)

You’ll both start with 30 HP.

And I’ll need a D20 roll from both of you which will determine initiative, and maybe something else.

Please post you character builds here so that we have a record of that :slight_smile:

Are we competing, or cooperating?

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Well that depends -
Going together comes with an advantage for fighting
A disadvantage for romance

You also have a time limit to get to the concert - so keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I’m going for 3 speed, 1 strength, 1 endurance

2 charm, 2 looks, 1 mystique

Plus a switchblade

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