Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


I agree, we’ll risk it.


Out of interest, Roger, are you using TTS for this with screenshots?


3.1 reinforcements:

  • North
  • South
    enemy-2 (ignored)
    enemy-1 (ignored)

3.2 movement

  • North: move south, which is two out of the large tile.
  • South: move (draws card) east - they all stay where they are.

Current state of enemy bag:
21 enemy-1/2
3 enemy-1/2-hammer
5 enemy-3
3 zero

3.3 shooting - no visible commandos

Turn 10 begins.

All commandos are currently in enemy uniform.

North event:

South event:

(There are no enemies “on the table” at the moment.)


No; I’m using the same bitmaps as in the TTS implementation (which is someone else’s scans of the terrains, plus my scans of the English-language components and some of the tokens) but moving them around in Inkscape.


Would the Medic like to take two or three actions with the silenced sten to clear the three enemy to the N of us?


Yes, I’ll use two but I need to move with the last one because I don’t want to stay in this square. I’ll shoot twice and see what the result is, if there’s only one left I’ll move in and risk it, if more then I might move west?

Depending on alarms etc, I can hopefully use the grenade on the large tile if needed? Let’s see how this goes first


You have a saved action … or we could swap weapons, and I could do the stenning.


If that’s a free action then that may be the best idea given how many actions you have.

Although now I think about it you might want to do that for the large tile with our objective? I’ll fire three times and move, then you can move, get the sten, and fire four times? Although that slightly depends on me killing three with three shots, them’s good odds though… if we go with that, I’ll target three dots first, then two, then normal.


That’s better yet. I’m getting keen on these suppressed stens. Let’s do it.


You can’t swap “intrinsic” weapons, the ones printed on the card - which isn’t obvious in these images, but it’s the Sten for the medic, the Colt for the sapper.

(Also in the “they’ve thought of people like you” department - the box round the dice on the StG44 means it can only be fired by one commando in a single turn.)


Aw. Okay, hm. Well let’s go with the plan except that you use your normal weapon or grenade? The alarm going off at this stage is not a total disaster, so long as we remain hidden.


OK, go ahead with it.

This game builds thread length really fast.


Actually, I see a different way to do it. Crowbar the door we went past, go through the building, kill the guard at the alarm, grenade the sniper, and then fire the artillery piece. What do you think?


Its definitely a more subtle plan, but my worry is that the square in the north will then be full to the brim - we’ll set off the alarm with the grenade, those three we don’t kill will move north so there’ll be seven in there with two more arriving. Are we any better off that way?


OK, let’s stay with the first plan. Go ahead.


OK, let me know if I misread this.

Medic fires northwards with Sten. This will be at least two shots. Need 4+.
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 3, 2, 4, 3


Killed one enemy-3, leaving a 1 and a 2. He drops a grenade. Do you want to keep firing or do something else? (2 actions left.)


Fire once more and see what happens


OK, 4+ again:
@discobot roll 2d6