Next pbf game: V-Commandos?

I was playing this in person with @JGD this evening and he suggested it would make a decent forum game. It’s a cooperative WWII tactical game of special operations, with emphasis on stealth rather than shooting. You can get the rulebook from BGG:

I’m away from home at the moment but would welcome expressions of interest. (For people who care, the company has just adapted this system into an Assassin’s Creed boardgame.)

Right, I’ve got all the resources digitised (thanks to the guy using Tabletop Simulator who’d already scanned the French version this wasn’t too hard), so who fancies a game? While there are some training scenarios, I suggest operation GREEN to start with:

Expression of interest, although I’ve found playing on my phone challenging, so my turns may be on the slow side.

Well, John and Nick have both played the basic mission. Shall we have a bash at a longer one?

Yes, please. Sorry for being so long - I failed to notice the message queue.

Goodoh. @Lordof1, are you up for this? Anyone have preferences about taking 1 or 2 commandos? Once I’ve got that I’ll take a look at possible missions.

I’ve now run this on the Shut Up & Sit Down forums so I have a working game setup.

I’d probably rather one for ease of use here, as I’ll be playing in stolen minutes between kids/work :slight_smile:

I’d also rather play just one for a first go at this.

Right, here is a randomly-drawn mission for three.

Special rules. The one with the “V” and a red tag doesn’t apply in a standard-difficulty game.

Terrain layout. All three of us in the shipyard, then one to the docks and two to the water tower.

Available commandos. No doubling-up on the same role name even if it’s a different colour. I’ll pick last.

Okay, well I’ll have the yellow/orange scout gentleman, please.

I’ll take the first sapper, please.

I’m going for the blue officer (silenced Sten).

Turn 1 begins.

1 - Event Phase

This is good for us. Enemy will move north, so the one who appears in the SE corner will be out in the open.

Getting half-way up the western side seems like a good start. I don’t think we have the spare actions to start shooting, unless someone wants to stay behind - which could be a decent idea. (That would probably be me, with the silenced weapon.)

I’ll move to half-way up the western edge. Roger, please come with me, so that we can silently shoot the sentry in the western dry-dock and proceed through it to the eastern one.

Works for me, though there will be more sentries in both.

Can I just clarify as I haven’t played often - we start in the south west cornet of the map? And if we enter the open yard through the door to the north, we’re visible to that sentry straight away?

EDIT: Although now I look at the map, I think maybe all those green outdoor tiles are single tiles rather thna one large area, so we’re stealthy on entering, is that right?

Assuming my edit is correct, how about I sneak through the wall on the right north side (1 action), then sneak into the guard’s square (1 action) then stab him repeatedly in the kidneys until he stops being naughty (1 action)?

Yes, all the outdoor spaces are separate small tiles.

Coming out of the trapdoor takes up your first action.

If you had the actions, moving in for a stab would mean passing a visibility check first.

Ah, I forget that entering is one action. Well how about I end my turn in the square adjacent to the guard, with the idea of taking him out next round? You two head north to take out the first objective? I’ll move through the wall, then save my last action.

If you prefer your chances with the silenced weapon, Roger, then I’ll head up the western side as planned.

Also, who has the German uniform?

If you think it’s worth the visibility risk. I’m doing to stay north with the sapper to stealthy-shoot guards in the dry-dock areas.

The uniform is supplied when we enter the Docks section as opposed to the Shipyard.

OK, scout moves to the tile with the mesh fence and red poppies, sapper and officer to the middle of the small western outdoor tiles.

3 - Enemy phase
3.1 - Reinforcements: zero, enemy-1, zero, enemy-2
The zeroes mean nothing happens now, but another special goes in the bag.
3.2 - Movement: the one enemy who can move north does so.
3.3 - Shooting: nobody is visible.

Turn 2.
1 - Event card

Mostly this tells us that enemies will move west. (Except that enemies on a triangular tile stay locked to that tile. So if there are two enemies in one of the dry docks, only one will move out.)