Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


I agree, although I’d better get out now I have may saved action, so I’ll shoot, stealth east, get the uniform and grenade and move east.

Is our plan to kill the guards to the east, then walk around to the large cannon tile? I guess setting off the alarm is inevitable there


Yes, and we’ll both be in enemy uniform, so we can stealth on a large tile. Probably won’t work, but costs nothing.


OK, medic shoots onto a medium tile (3+):

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 5, 4


Enemy drops a TNT charge.
[2 actions] medic moves stealthily east. Out of (uniform, grenade, TNT) which two do you want?
[1 action] medic moves east.
No saved actions.

[2 actions] sapper moves stealthily east
and picks up the shell
[1 action] and moves east
Still with two saved.

Meanwhile in the north, officer takes a stealthy shot at the MG nest
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 4


and the enemy drops an MG42. Hmm. Tempting. Most of the enemies will come outside next time. But. Hmm.

No, I’ll move south, then [1] stealthily east getting the benefit of uniform. Should probably have done that the first time really.

3.1 Enemy reinforcements:

  • North
  • South

3.2 Enemy movement.
North terrain moves west.
South terrain moves north.

3.3 Enemy fire.
No visible targets.

Turn 9 begins.
North event:

(meaning it’s easier to run out of enemy in the bag)
South event:

Officer is intending to move, shoot the guy on the alarm, move or shoot, save.

I remind you that putting on a uniform takes an action.


OK, my sapper is in enemy uniform already. I’m thinking of moving E and doing nothing more. I suggest the medic put on his newly acquired uniform, move E and save. Next turn, we attack the guys to the N.


Carrying it (token on the card) isn’t the same as using it (different token on the board). But you’ve had enough spare actions that you could have put it on before now. In which case you have an open inventory spot and can scoop up whichever of the (uniform, grenade, TNT) the medic leaves behind.


I agree, I’ll get dressed, move east, save. What is the difference between grenades and TNT?


A grenade is basically a one-shot four-dice weapon. It doesn’t make you visible when you throw it, but it does raise the alarm. You can throw it into an adjacent space. If there are any dice left over after all enemy are killed, it’ll also attack visible friendlies on the same tile.

A TNT charge produces an explosion, which raises the alarm and destroys all objectives, characters and equipment tokens on its tile (the impassability of the drydocks in part 1 of this scenario was a specific rule for this operation). Trap doors and other triangular tokens stay in place. It’s not immediately obvious whether enemy entrances stay in place, but I’m inclined to assume they do. It’s one action to set a charge (0 for the sapper), 0 actions to blow it up later.

For extra confusion

In Secret Weapons there’s also the Panzerfaust, which works like a TNT charge but can be fired from an adjacent space. John had a character with this in the games we played at Stabcon last month.

And the character I was playing in those games, a Kickstarter extra I think, has the ability to throw a TNT charge like a grenade, though it does TNT damage.


I have a TNT charge already, so please leave me the grenade.


Fair enough, I’ll take TNT



Sapper: moves E.
Medic: moves E, dons uniform, saves 1.
Officer: moves E, shoots for 3+:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 1, 4


Shot, drops grenade. Officer moves N and saves 1.

Before I commit this next bit, are you sure you want to be in the SE corner, where you’ll have to take visibility checks from the likely reinforcement there?


I thought the reinforcements were off to the movies tonight?


I was hoping that Movie Night would mean we don’t get any. But I realise that I’m unsure as to the proportion of regular troops among the reinforcements, because I find it hard to distinguish most of the counters more complex than equipment tokens.


Ah, right. Yes, you’d only have to worry about special enemies, of whom there are about four left in the bag I think.


OK, we’ll risk them.