Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


It’s nominally a random choice between medic and sniper, but you get to choose which side of the card - but I think that’s a reasonable exception to make.

OK, there are plenty of enemy left in the bag so we can survive this turn without hitting any end-game conditions.

The major decision we have to make now is how to split our forces. One operative goes into the docks (getting a free German uniform) and has to capture the admiral and get him out. The other two go to the water tower, and have to get a shell and shift it round to a cannon (on a large space, alas) while under sniper fire if visible.


I’d suggest the medic works better with others, probably the sapper?


That’s OK with me. I have a uniform, and I think I’ll wear it.



As far as I can see, the idea is to run the games strictly in parallel - they’re insulated from each other but they draw on the same enemy and equipment bags.

Event at docks:

which won’t have much effect.
Event at water tower:

which may be a consideration.


Hum … I think I’ll come up, shoot the two guards on the tile outside the entrance room with Stg45, advance onto that tile and go stealthy (also collecting the shell). Does that make sense?


Yesss except it’s a medium tile so you can’t go stealthy. How about you pop up and shoot them as you suggest, but save your last action, then I come in, move east, get the shell and move north, turning stealthy as I do?


It’s two actions to move stealthily onto a medium tile - that’s available for everyone. (If you go blatant, that trips the alarm, even if you don’t remain visible.)


Okay, useful to know - I had better stealth in and stay there or I’ll trigger the alarm.

Hmm although will reinforcements arrive on that square? Maybe I’m best just emerging and saving an action? I can shoot with the silenced sten on the reinforcement.


So I’ll pop up, shoot them, and save an action. You pop up and save an action. OK?


Sounds good to me, although will you be viable after you shoot? I’m still learning the game!


I will. I’m relying on you to shoot the reinforcements.


My only suggestion is that if the sapper shoots and becomes visible, that’ll trip the alarm, even if he’s able to vanish again.


Hmm okay well how about I shoot with the silenced sten then?


That seems like a better idea. You pop up and shoot with that; I pop up and save.


Okay, we have a plan!


OK. Medic emerges for 1, shoots with Sten for 1 looking for 3+:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 4, 3


Both shot. Available equipment is grenade and enemy uniform. One action saved.

Sapper can, I see as I look at the card, save two actions; so he does.

Officer emerges, moves north, saves an action.

Docks event card takes effect. I’m nominating the entry point tile, which has no game effect.

3.1 enemy reinforcements.

  • North terrain:
  • South terrain
    enemy-1 (guards the objective token)

3.2 enemy movement. North terrain moves north, and they’re all guarding objectives or unable to move north. South terrain moves east, but again nobody’s in a position to move.
3.3 enemy fire - no commando is visible.

Turn 8

Docks event:

Water tower event:

I don’t think the docks event applies when the only enemy is locked down to a triangular token; the rules bold the sentence “This triangular token is now under the protection of the enemy unit who will never move again.”

The water tower event will apply if either of you get wounded.


I suggest the medic shoots the enemy who’s appeared outside, then the sapper moves onto that tile (cost 2) takes the shell (0), and moves E (1).