Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


:game_die: 1, 5


Hmm okay one left. I’ll stealth in and cross fingers.


Spotted on a 1-2:

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 4


Phew okay. Over to sapper. Sorry I left one! My plan was enter, close combat kill and then shoot three times? But it’s risky and I’m happy for better plans


I can only throw a grenade into an adjacent area, presumably? If that is the case, hum, the problem with staying put is that reinforcements will show up where I am.

OK, attempt to stealth N.
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 6


Huzzah! Stealthily kill the one-box guard here. I can’t remember how that works.


Excellent plan! Grenade and shoot the rest?


Close-combat kill is automatic, but takes one action. He drops another TNT charge. You have three actions left. You know reinforcements will move north this turn.

Yes, grenades like most ranged weapons only work into an adjacent tile at most.


In that case, since I have three actions left, how about I step openly onto the big tile (1) and fire the cannon (2) with the shell I’ve been carrying?


Well, it’s valid.

You then get shot for 8 dice needing 2+, plus whatever reinforcements turn up.


Well, let’s see if we can avoid that. Will the reinforcement that appear S of us move onto our tile this turn?


Yes, assuming there’s nobody visible to draw him in another direction.


OK, grenade into the big tile.
@discobot roll 4d6


:game_die: 4, 3, 3, 3


OK, I have two actions left, shoot into that tile with Stg44

@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 4, 3, 5


You don’t need to shoot - on a large tile it’s 2+ to hit, so that grenade killed all four of them. You are at present still stealthy, but the alarm has gone off. (Drops: grenade, enemy uniform. In your tile: grenade, TNT, enemy uniform.)


OK, so I have two actions left. Enter the big tile, attempting stealth, because I’m in enemy uniform. Does that take two actions or one?