Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


Enemy uniform makes all tiles work like small tiles. So it’s one action to enter stealthily. (You’ll still have to pass a stealth check against the reinforcement that’ll be turning up, unless you crowbar that entrance.)

(Correction to what I said earlier - should have been “you have to pass 4 stealth checks each failing on 1-2, and if you fail you get shot with 8 dice etc.”)


That’s using a crowbar to block an entrance? If so, do that.


OK, that takes your last saved action.

Officer moves N, W, shoots W (3+), saves last action again.
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 2, 4


Do crowbars permanently block entrances, or just for one round? Very much worth knowing!

Never mind, I read the rules - 4 enemies behind it will open it



  • North
  • South, alarm active
    enemy-1 (blocked)
    enemy-2 (blocked)

3.2 enemy movement. Enemies move north on both terrains.

Stealth check for the medic, failed on any 1-2:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 3


«Hei, Fritz, hast du was gehört?»
«Nein, und du auch nicht.»

3.3 enemy fire - no visible commandos.

Turn 11 begins.

(phew, that’s a nasty one)


The alarm is currently active, so this turn it has no effect - you can expect only one reinforcement per entrance. (The blocked entrance will definitely be broken through, though, unless you get very lucky.)


I think I’ll take the dropped grenade (0), throw it into the sniper’s nest (1), and then fire the canon (2). Does that make sense?


I think activating the cannon takes out the snipers too.


Perfect sense, do it, but then we need to clear out pronto. My plan is to kill these two chaps then enter the building, see how things look from there. Can I close combat them both, Roger, or is it a stealth check after the first, or just not possible? Failing that, I’ll shoot - do it get any bonus for stealthy and in the same square?


You can close combat them both as long as the first one doesn’t drop a “spotted” token when he dies - this is an equipment token and there are 8 left among the 42 tokens in the equipment bag. If he does, you immediately become visible.

Stealthily shooting them both means rolling dice rather than auto success, but if you get them both then any spotted tokens don’t matter.

Note that the medium indoor tile has a blocked trapdoor in it which is valid as an exit route - one AP to unblock it.


In that case, take the grenade (0), fire the canon (2) and move into the water-tower tile (1).


Not sure just what you mean by the water tower tile? The two indoor tiles have no direct access from where you are. The medic has a locked door available.


The tile with the sniper’s nest. That has an unlocked door into the building.


Locked? Oh bum I missed that. Okay… stealth shoot, see what happens. If I kill both, then I’m shooting the lock off and entering the tile. If I just kill one, stealth kill the other and shoot lock. If neither, shoot again.


Aha, that’s why I was confused: it’s just a standard MG42 nest. The snipers for visible commandos (operation-specific rule) are not represented on the board.

OK, shooting the two on the medic’s tile, needing 4+:
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 6


Woot! The dice work when they need to!


They drop a crowbar and a first aid kit.