Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


Brill, I’ll drop the charge and get the crowbar, open the door with it and head through



I’m heading out for a meal now, but next turn I’ll escape through the hatch.


Eeek! In that case, don’t go that way, head S instead.


OK - with no saved actions, that’s fire cannon, move south, go to ground in the outdoor space for now?


Actually I’ll hang around in that tile to help and shoot as necessary, can you control him so we can finish ?


Will do even if it takes fewer than 20 characters.


Exactly so, precisely, even.


OK. Bringing the equipment with you on the basis that there’s no reason not to.

Officer shoots W, needing 3+.
@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 6, 5


Spotted token, no effect.

action 2, move stealthily W onto medium tile in uniform
(no cost, objective becomes captive admiral)
action 3, move E into trapdoor room
save action 4 just in case

3.1 enemy reinforcements.

  • North:
  • South:

3.2 enemy movement
North: they move south.
South: they move… west. Phew.

3.3 enemy fire
No commandos visible.

Turn 12 begins.

We all have enough actions to get out this turn, and there are 28 enemy tokens in the bag, so we’ve won unless something very odd happens with event cards.



We’re clear!


Hurrah! I’d like to play again, but not this evening or tomorrow. I think it would be a good idea to put each game in its own thread, since there’s quite a bit of back-scrolling to check maps and events.

Thanks very much for setting this up, Roger.


Agreed - we might discuss the next game here, but I’ll start a new thread so that the reference materials are at the top.


Really good fun, congratulations chaps. It’s a good game, just starting to get to grips with it. I’d be very happy to play again.


Thanks for playing well, Nick.

I wonder how readily this will scale to more than three players?


Well I guess we’ll see if anyone else turns up. Thanks very much for running, Roger, and thanks for being an excellent team mate, John. I hope one of you tells Mary…


Yes, I should say in case anyone’s following along: you’re welcome to join in! Operations and terrains scale down to 1 and up to 6.


I’m being arbitrary and taking the operations in order by nominal date. Those set in February 1942 are Time Pencil (base game) and Freyja (kickstarter extra).

These are both four-operator missions. We might be getting a new player, or we can jointly decide what the fourth operator does. All the split terrains are 2 + 2.

Any preferences? (As usual, black “Special” rules apply at standard difficulty; rules marked with a red “Special” and a V do not.)

Time Pencil (inspired by Operation Biting):



Let’s do Time Pencil first.