Next pbf game: V-Commandos?


OK, here’s another way. Sapper moves S. We all pass the rest of our actions. We’re all hidden, so we escape the tank fire. One enemy moves out of the W dock, several move into it.

Next turn, we detonate the W dock, killing all those enemy. Then we move in there and across to the E dock. Does that work?


No, once it’s detonated it’s impassable.


Screw it, I’m running in and drawing the tank fire into the East dock


OK, shoot into West dock with Stg44.
@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 4, 6, 1


Is that both the enemy in the W dock eliminated?


Yes. (Which also makes you visible, of course.)

They drop two first aid kits. Sapper has 2 actions remaining plus the saved one.


Drop the enemy uniform, go W and grab a first-aid kit, go E and stealthy, save an action.


Fantastic job, thank you!


The other E and W, but yes. Nick, do you want to do your thing now? I don’t think you need anything from the Officer, do you?


Yes, let’s give it a go, I’ll try to sneak in for what it’s worth, if by some miracle it succeeds I’ll plant and move all the way back out, otherwise I’ll stay and attract the tank.


So I need to give you my other charge.


I don’t think that’s possible.

① move north
(free) collect charge and uniform
② don uniform
③ uniform-stealthy-move into W dock
④ uniform-stealthy-move into E dock
⑤ plant charge
⑥+ run away

But you only have four actions…


I don’t need the uniform, I can stealthy move onto the second tile for two actions. So move east(1), move east stealthy(2,3), plant charge(4), get blown up (free)


Although you could argue the risk of discovery is so high it isn’t worth the stealth move?


Either way, I’m moving east twice, then planting


The thing is, since you’re getting blown up anyway, you might as well not take the charge - the tank shell will have the same effect and then we save a charge for the next map.


Good point, I didn’t think the tank shell would do the job but if that’s the case I’ll take one for the team.

shakes your hands It was a privilege, Gentleman. Do you think… do you think one of you could tell Mary? About the sacrifice, I mean, not the brothel in Algiers.


Certainly will, old chap.


Stealthy move through wall into eastern dry-dock. Spotting checks from 5 enemy, spotted on 1-2 on any die:
@discobot roll 5d6