Mysterium PBF 1

The ghost comes…


Two knocks


Two knocks






Two knocks




Finishers get 1 bonus point each. So final scores are:

11: Lordof1 / Captbnut
9: COMaestro / RogerBW
3: Whistle_Pig

Now for the final phase. @RossM now:

  • picks one of our combinations of person-place-object-story
  • sets up a single-card clue for each of them (in any order, refilling hand and/or using crows as usual)
  • shuffles those clues
  • lays them out and we all have to work out which combination is being clued. (In theory some of us have to do it on the basis of fewer cards but there’s no official set of thresholds for the 4-phase game and I don’t always use them anyway.)

I haven’t been keeping track of everyone’s combinations - Ross could you let me know at some point and I’ll do a summary in the first post?


Thanks everyone


Doc Shed Poker Boat


Nun Classroom Dumbbell Court


Explorer creepy tree swamp secateurs poison


Knitter Pool Razor demons

Bagpiper washroom stool attic

Greengrocer attic statue pinboard


I’ve edited the first post to show these groups.


I watched Knitter Pool Razor Demons on the SciFi channel a few years back.


:ghost: Another crow flys skywards :ghost:


A final crow flies skywards

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((I don’t remember what the crows mean but it’s very exciting))

A garbled collection of four dreams arrive.



COMaestro: attic-dress looks like the fish-lady, balloons and conspiracy-string, statue and frozen river, but I can’t connect the tigers and the baker.
Lordof1: balloons and knitter, frozen river and swimming pool, razor and tiger-claws, can’t link the fish-lady and the séance.

Otherwise I shrug.

I’d forgotten we hadn’t finished this!

I don’t think its mine, although there are 2 with water in this dream and my murder was in a bath

I’m thinking it’s @RogerBW’s set. The guys on the hot air balloons are poking each other away (poker). The cloud castle has a lamp, and while it’s a different style, a lamp features prominently on the place card (cabin). The lady going into the fish has a hat that is identical to the one floating in the lake, and both feel water themed (capsized boat). And finally, the top hat on the carriage driver is very similar to the one used on the train station dream card that was used a while back (doctor).

Running through the others:
While I can see something for the nun and dumbbell, nothing screams classroom or court to me in @Whistle_Pig’s set.

Nothing looks like it refers to @DJCT. Maybe the golden lamp could be the treasure hunter? Nothing else really fits that I see, though.

@Lordof1 has some possibilities. The red balloons look similar to the red ball of yarn on the person card, and the tiger claws with razor, as Roger already pointed out. But then I go to the fish at the dock for water, which may match up with the pool, leaving the spectral looking horse and driver as the reference to the seance.

Nothing screams bagpiper, stool, or attic to me in any of @Captbnut’s, so I think he’s out.

I can see the balloon strings matching the conspiracy board for my set, and maybe the woman’s dress getting into the fish as the dress in my attic card, but don’t really see statue or greengrocer in anything.

Welcome to hear other suggestions.

Hmmm tricky. I also think it’s a tie between myself and @RogerBW . I’m slightly convinced by the hat similarities in Roger’s cards. That feels logically right to me, although hmmm my gut tells me the opposite, that it’s mine. Hmmm.

I think I’d go with @RogerBW

Hmmm wait no. I’ve reflected and I really think it’s my set, not @RogerBW ’s. The knitter and balloons feel too good a fit.

No idea … …

:ghost: how does this bit wooooooooork? :ghost:

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I think we each vote on which one we think it is and then majority rules. So if the majority is correct, we win, otherwise, we lose.

That’s correct.

On reflection I’ll go for Lordof1’s set.

I’m thinking lordof1 as well. Lots of water