Most played games or How do you even count that?

I use the unofficial BGG Android app that you have to download and install from “untrusted” sources. Apparently BGG is working on a mobile app and you can sign up (maybe?) as a beta tester but I’ve never bothered looking into it.

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I log games on BGG, my screen shot came from

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Mine is BGStats

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as far as I can tell most of the screens are BGG or BGStats.

BGStats is just really very useful and ever since I have installed it I try to log every play on the table. I sync BGA and I manually log a few apps most notably Terraforming Mars and Spirit Island mostly because I want statistics on how often I win with which roles. I track roles and apparently my favorite corporation is Credicor and my favorite spirit is—unsurprisingly, meaning I knew that—Thunderspeaker.
I am not consistent tracking maps though. I have recently begun tracking expansions included in the play—because I no longer automatically include all expansions I own.

I play a lot more app games but I don‘t usually bother, most app games I play often are short and when I play Ganz Schön Clever 5 times in a row I just can‘t be bothered to record it.

includes app and bga plays. Hardback is almost all BGA. Terraforming Mars is a lot of app games. Railroad Ink is a lot of app games but I stopped tracking or I would be over 100. I have never tracked RftG app games those might be around 50 or so. Ark Nova includes a few BGA solos.

My most played will be Carcassonne, Coup and Love Letter.
Solo it’ll probably be Troyes Dice, Friday and Under Falling Skies.

I don’t log plays.

I did try BG Stats for a bit, but ended up deleting it. I soon found myself feeling I had to play games so I could log them in the app, or meet some new target, rather than just because I wanted to play them.

For much the same reason, I stopped setting yearly board game targets after a couple of years.


My gaming goal this year (and every year) is:

play some games (maybe; if you’re feeling up to it.) Or go watch a TV show you’ve already seen 15 times. Or you could take a nap.


I logged briefly, then forgot too often and didn’t miss it.

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You may have ruined one of @Acacia future Topics of the week.

I tend to be quite good at logging my games, even if the next day most often, and I go simply to BGG. I never log games on Steam. I logged the first few I played of Gloomhaven, and then regretted it, Steam already records the time spent on a videogame, no need to double handle. I like to have an indication of what have I played, and I like to have it there to then score the game (although you can see I tend to be quite generous on my scores).


Ruined is a strong word. Accelerated? Yes. That’s ok, I have others :slight_smile:


The first time I made a 10×10, I found myself playing games in December just to reach the target, and it lacked fun.


Yeah. That sounds more like work. It would be nice to complete them, but didn’t really care about finishing them.


I deny any and all responsibility :sweat_smile: I only asked a harmless question:

Forum happened. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please, nobody mention self-fuilfilling prophecies.

See, I couldn’t help it.

I’ll gladly help find more if you run out–which I somehow don’t think you will. Just taking this to note that I really like the weeklies!


I use the 10x10 challenges to remind myself that I don’t always need new games. That I should play games more than once or twice.

When I do get close towards the end of the year (for solo) I do gravitate towards the “missing” ones. But then I use an auto-filled challenge that just automatically adapts to choose the games I have played the most.


I stopped tracking plays as I found it set me on to targets. I wanted to get games to 10 plays + as a result when a game got to 10 I’d stop playing as much so another game could get to the milestone. I also became a bit wary of playing games owned by others as it wouldn’t count to my stats. This was possibly as I was learning stats at the time data source was my collection and plays so I was over focussed on it. No regrets at stopping tracking though.


This was how I hoped it would work for me! But unfortunately it turned the playing of games into something of a chore.
I’m glad it works for you though.


Not always, I still buy games. But I’ve spent some time with old and new favorites getting to know them better. I really hope I’ll find some time for 51st State. I’ve neglected it since first receiving it earlier this year :slight_smile: As stated above though, solos are a different thing, I don’t need to convince anyone to sit down and play this particular game except myself.

My other 10x10 for multiplayer doesn’t do very good. But it is kind of nice to see, that I have played some multiplayer games this year (even though it often feels like I didn’t have any gaming opportunities except for solos)


Clearly it was Evil Yashima’s fault, who stole your credentials and ran away.

(As someone mentioned recently, credentials are divided into:

  • something you can forget
  • something you can leave in a taxi
  • something you can have chopped off


My rule of thumb is that if the challenge tracker says “hey, one more of this and you’ll have got to ten”, I’ll take it as a suggestion, but I don’t want to play a game only because I want to tick it off. The challenge isn’t that important.


I was not always tracking my plays, and didn’t start until the very tail end of 2017, so this is not 100% accurate. So I know that Love Letter: Batman should also be in this list somewhere, as we have played that a lot, and Sheriff of Nottingham should probably be somewhere in the teens. Oh, and I use the Unmatched BoL Vol 1 entry for all my Unmatched plays, other than the new Unmatched Adventures co-op games.


It appears that ScorePal is old news, not updated since 2018, and BGStats is the new shizz. I had noticed that ScorePal seemed a bit static at this point though I really appreciated the full control over score sheets.

I’m porting all the various sources into BGStats - with no haste, as it’s not important - but BGA comes in easy. I’m putting a few ScorePal plays in each day manually, as the import/export functions for both sides aren’t in friendly formats to edit. Then I have a spreadsheet that just has dates and games, not necessarily players or winners, but I can check those off as well.

Unsurprisingly, RFTG and Innovation are at the top of the list, with 57 and 47 (that’s BGA + IRL). If you add in app plays for RFTG it’s around 300, though. Dominion would be over 150 as well but I don’t have those logged, it’s 98% app play (old IOS indie, Androminion, and now Temple Gates beta).

Below that in the teens it is surprising, Great Western Trail, Architects, Memoir, New Frontiers, Tigris, Burgundy, and Agricola. Games with solo and BGA get an obvious boost. And I guess that list isn’t terribly surprising (despite me saying it was surprising) but I don’t think that’s the list I would have guessed.