Make It or Break It! (A Maker Topic)

I thought a quick little project this weekend would be to set up a little Bluetooth audio receiver on a Raspberry Pi.

I’m now onto my third Raspberry Pi having found out that both the 0W and 3 have issues with running Bluetooth at the same time as Wi-fi. So now I’m trying with a 4.

Maybe once I’ve got it configured and working reliably I can go back to the 0W.

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I got irked with RPi after they happily employed a former policeman and covert surveillance enthusiast and couldn’t see why anyone would have a problem with that. So I looked into tiny fanless PCs instead.

The Atom x5-Z8350 box (4 cores at 1.44GHz) uses less power than the Pi3 it replaced, performs better, and can run the same mainline Debian x86_64 as all my other machines.

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Ah yeah, I did see that.

I already need a spreadsheet to keep a track of all my Pis, not sure I really ought to be adding more SBCs to that list. :sweat_smile:

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Ooh, need to track down something like this. RPi are too expensive when you can track down the actual model you need