Make It or Break It! (A Maker Topic)

It seemed appropriate.

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This weekend I’m digging out an old project from 2 years ago, the idea for which started gestating about 9 years ago.

I’m going to solder 132 LEDs onto a PCB I designed and I’ll maybe stream it on Twitch and listen to some music if people want to drop by.


Earlier this year I invested in a 3D printer and while it’s seen a lot of use making odds and ends like replacement washing up brush handles, cookie cutters and child locks, I wanted a purely fun project.

I give you the back half of a remote control vehicle of some description:

While it probably would have been easier and more sensible to use some pre-made STLs from t’internet, it’s been very enjoyable designing and re-designing each bit. It’s the steering mechanism that’s been keeping me entetrained this week so maybe I’ll have a front half to share soon(ish)


Ooh that is cool. Love homemade RC. Keep us appraised!


Soldering and Synthwave

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After fixing a couple of dodgy LEDs off-stream, I streamed some coding this afternoon on Twitch.


I kept expecting one to be very slightly slower than the other, but I’m guessing the animation rate is pretty much the system clock rate?

Yeah there’s an intrinsic animation rate which they’re both tied to. It was tricky enough getting them both moving separately I didn’t even think about making them move at different rates. That might be one for next weekend!

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Took a delivery of some PCBs today, here’s a re-spin of an old design:


We have a local brewery called Three Boys, which I frequent. A few friends and I have recently taken up blacksmithing and I’ve almost exclusively made bottle openers of various designs, so I figured I’d make one third of their logo.

About two thirds of the way to finished I realized the drift I used to make the square hole wasn’t actually big enough to use as a bottle opener. There was a bit of a panic working out if / how I could make it bigger with loosing the shape, but we got there.

As you can likely tell, photography is not in my skillset, but you get the point. I’m moderately happy with the first attempt. Might complete the logo, more likely I’ll move onto something else.


I built another volume knob.

The volume control for my PC speakers has been intermittent as long as I’ve had them, either dropping one of the L-R channels entirely or being annoyingly unbalanced.