Lounge of the Ghost Ship Game (Play by Post)

I found myself in the kitchen. There’s restricted space, room enough for only 3. I found this Talisman…

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Well I have a bloody knife. So we can seance next round…

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Seance happens in the planning phase right? And we can use a Give action in that phase too?

Yes to both.

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@Captbnut How big was location 4?

Big enough to hold a 7 legged monster!!

It was a long corridor, big enough to hold all of us. Most interesting was the double locked door at the end with signs to the other rooms.

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Hmm. I’m going to have to trust someone, and at this point there’s a 50/50 chance that any of you are possessed.

@Scribbs, next turn I’ll give you the bloodied knife so you can seance.

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Does a seance use stamina?

It looks like everyone else got away lightly compared to me. I’m either going to need to rest or do my next action with another player in case I get attacked again.

I should say, I searched after my fight and found a golden orb, which also did me some damage. Pretty much the only thing I didn’t do was step on a rake

I’m interested that @RossM both stayed in the lounge and is saying that we’re the possessed ones, not him.

No, Seance’s don’t cost Stamina

In what scenario would I say that I was possessed? :crazy_face:

It’s more you’re saying that you’re definitely not. That’s what a possessed person would do

Also, what a non possessed would say as well. :crazy_face:

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If I take the seance action in the planning phase, do I lose the choice to move and search elsewhere?

No, it’s just another action along with Give, Use, Attack and Steal. You can do them as many times as you like if you have the Items/ Stamina.

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Okay, so there’s no disadvantage to the individual that takes the seance action, although I’ll be sure to watch that @RossM passes that horrible bloody knife over handle first.

Thinking about the timing of things, can anyone see any advantage in delaying a seance at all?

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DCJT (2) returns to the Lounge, wearing a Raincoat.

It is now the Planning Phase of Round 2.

Current Status:
Captbnut (4)
RossM (7)
Scribbs (8)
Suz (8)
DJCT (2) Wearing a Raincoat.

Corridor is Locked.
The Lounge has 6 Items.
Nobody is registered as a Human.

You have until Friday 9pm to finish the Planning Phase.

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I need help! I went to a small cabin (location 2) that only fits 2 people and found this rain coat.

Then I was attacked by a monster without a face. I neutralised it but it hurt.

I need time to recover - can anyone help?


Does your raincoat have any ability, apart from being natty?

I can’t help, but you need rest more than I do.

I’m happy to explore again, but would want a buddy in case I get attacked again.

Is it worth @suz unlocking one lock in the corridor? It’s one monster down (sorry @MarkSP, how many monsters per location?)

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(I think one monster per location, and one ghost, which may also be harmful)

Oh no @DJCT! If I give you my Junk card, then you can discard it to gain 1 Stamina (if I’ve got that rule right @MarkSP?).

That is a great idea @Captbnut - before my key is stolen or lost! But if we go to the corridor together this round, perhaps I should be the only one doing the searching? I’m on full stamina.

While we are still searching for keys, there may be more benefit in keeping the talisman as protection from ghosts? We also might have a better idea, after a few more rounds, of who to entrust with a seance?

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