Lounge of the Ghost Ship Game (Play by Post)

If we split across all the locations, we’ll be better positioned to know about max numbers at each location, allowing for better planning in the future. That will mean a turn of probably less than spectacular results in finding keys for the first round, but might be more effective in the long run?


Yep, let’s split up after raiding the lounge. Also happy to take a 1 stam hit for the team by searching the lounge twice if wished.

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I’m happy with a lounge search and then splitting up. Although if I end up fighting a monster there will be a stern look or two!

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Shall we use the poll function to vote? I think these are the options being discussed

Round 1 planning
  • All stay and search lounge
  • One player per location and one in the lounge
  • 2/3 split in players, different locations

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Edit - let me know if there’s another choice I’ve missed

Good plan with the vote. Do we have limited actions per planning round, could we search the lounge and then search different locations?

Not sure if this was a question to me, so I’ll answer it anyway. You can’t search during the planning phase, only the exploration phase. During that phase you can move to other locations, but you only get one free search each round, and moving to a different location costs Stamina.

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I’ve just noticed the rule about how drawing cards specifically in the Lounge works (sorry it took me so long!). The bit about it being a Rest action and you gain Stamina? That’s definitely something to leave for when we’re low on Stamina! So now I want to change my vote to ‘One player per location and one player in the Lounge’… which gives it 100% of the vote so far!

Here’s my proposal.

I stay in the lounge and draw a card.

Everyone else goes to a room, finds out what the rooms are, draws one card, and returns?

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Sounds good to me. As long as everyone else is happy with that, I will go to Location One .


Ok happy to head to location two


Shall I go to Location 3 then?


@Captbnut happy with zone 4?

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I’m happy with that. Bring it on


@MarkSP I think we are ready.

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RossM: Lounge
Suz: #1
DJCT: #2
Scribbs: #3
Captbnut: #4

I’ll assume whenever a player visits a location they will immediately do their free search if possible. If you don’t want to let me know ahead of time. If multiple players go to the same location then whoever went there first gets the first card etc.

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Suz (8), has returned to the Lounge.

Currently in the Lounge: RossM (searching the room), Suz

(The number in brackets after everyone’s name is their Stamina).

Captbnut (4) has returned to the Lounge.

Currently in the Lounge: RossM (searching the room), Suz, Captbnut

Hi everyone, I’m back! I’ve just searched the ballroom. It’s very big and fancy; we could all fit in there easily.

Also, I found this key…

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Excellent news.

The other good news is that we’re now a monster done (brandishes a torn off monster leg and then chucks it in the bin). Bad news is that I’m knackered

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Scribbs (8) has returned to the Lounge, and RossM (7) has stopped searching.

Currently in the Lounge: RossM, Suz, Captbnut, Scribbs