Lounge of the Ghost Ship Game (Play by Post)

You all awaken in a lounge on a ship. A bunch of strangers without recognition in your eyes. A clock chimes and you somehow know, you only have 13 hours to escape…


Welcome to the Ship.
It is Round 1- Planning Phase. Currently the Ship is locked down, so you can only explore Locations 1-4. When everyone has chosen somewhere to go we’ll start the Exploration Phase. Any player who hasn’t chosen somewhere by 9pm Wed (GMT) will remain here in the Lounge. No Keys start in the Lounge.

Current Status:
Everyone has 8 Stamina.
Corridor is Locked.
The Lounge has 8 Items.
Nobody is registered as a Human.

(rules thread is here: Would anybody be willing to help playtest a social adventure game using PBF?)

And thanks from me!


So we know this:

The Starboard Promenade, where the lifeboats are, is one of Locations 5-8. Initially however, you can only access Locations 1-4 (and the Lounge) because the door in the corridor is locked with 2 locks. There are 3 keys which can unlock them in locations 1-4.

So we need to go to locations 1 to 4 to see if we can find keys. It would make sense to split up to get it done quickly?

Question - is there also a card deck for the lounge, or is it just the central space?

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There’s a card deck for the Lounge. Items only, no Events, Ghosts or Monsters. Also no Keys (unless someone drops one here).

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(Guys I’d like to start by telling you all that I’m definitely not a werewolf.)


Is it more efficient to stack up at one location to burn through a stack of items quickly to find a key there, or to spread the effort across locations?


Have you never watched a horror film?

A two and a three?

@MarkSP are you expecting us to volunteer our statuses to each other? Because I am also not a Werewolf.


I’m not comfortable with a 3-2. It gives the opportunity for two lunatics to plan.

I’d suggest a 4 and a 1.

Also, is it worth each of us picking up a card from the lounge as well?

@RossM a werewolf, confirmed

Ooh , and @Captbnut ! Can we go to the endgame now @MarkSP? Think you need to make this game a bit harder!


Too scared to watch ‘em!


We know each location has 9 cards, we could max out the lounge with two draws. Then move?


Lounge has 8 items. I’d really like to get a bloodied item and a talisman so we can start seancing.

We all search once and 3 of us search twice?

That gives 2 a stamina advantage. But I’m certainly happy to draw an item

I’m happy to only draw once if others want more items.

One important thing I forgot to mention! Each location apart from the Lounge, Corridor and Starboard Promenade has a maximum capacity you only find out when visiting. If more players visit than the capacity then some of them need to go elsewhere.

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(Is there a map @MarkSP?)

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And do the numbered location have names? I’m trying to think what you have on a ship. Bridge, galley, outside cabin, inside cabin, first class?

(I’m guessing we only find out when we visit?)

Might be worth each visiting one location on our own whilst one person stays in the lounge?


No map, but each location does have a name.

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I think making a search of the lounge to begin with is a good idea too. I am happy to take a hit for the team and search twice for -1 Stamina - the only item I currently have is a piece of useless ‘Junk’! (it’s not specified on the card, but I’m imagining it’s a dusty old snow globe with a slow leak).

As far as future explorations go, I like @Captbnut’s idea of splitting 3-2 for exploring two locations, so that we can hopefully deal with any monsters we might find. @RossM could be part of the group of two to allay their fears of two possessed people being alone together :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m absolutely fine with us all splitting up too, if that’s the consensus.