Lost in Space - Perry Bible Fellowship

I used to love this strip and came across this one again recently. Prompt the question, what games would you be wishing you’d brought? Not just what’s you favourite, but what would last, what would comfort you on those dark nights of the soul? Are you going solo out of spite?


I can see a few variables here. But now there will be no excuse not to play things like Twilight Imperium IV…


I mean, cost-per-kilogram to get something into space would suggest a standard deck of cards as the best bang for your buck.

But otherwise let’s go with 18OE, or some other “convention” game

I’d default to my two favourites: Innovation and Twilight Struggle. Both games I know can stand up to thousands of plays. Also Go, for the same reason, and because there’s no bigger timesink. Also important is that once the components get destroyed, we could keep on playing with dust and moonrocks (although I can also see that as an argument that it’s not necessary to bring it in the first place…)

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Saves you the rock counting, I guess?