Leaving Earth (Base Game and Mercury) Pbf


Hello All,

As discussed with @yashima, @pillbox and @RogerBW I’m setting up a pbf of Leaving Earth.

What rulebook am I using?

House rules
I believe there are no house rules, (Having checked ‘full rendezvous training’ is in the core rublebook. Shout if you wish a modification.

I have always played that agreements are binding, for example if tech is traded with the agreement it cannot be sold on again, it cannot be sold on again. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Pbf alterations.
Some locations are secret until explored, at which point they are revealed. If they are explored by surveying you have a choice about making these publicly viewable. In order to let me play I will assemble a pdf of all available locations on a numbered grid. I will then ask a neutral party to select a random number from the set and PM it to you directly.

Very Hard. With multiple agencies competing we need to have multiple routes to explore.

Signing Up
Any comments or questions leave below, if you want to join pick a space agency and roll a virtual d8…


It’s also possible to learn the nature of the tile but not reveal it by landing on it and then destroying your spacecraft. (This is rarely a thing one wants to do, but if for example there’s a score for Man on Mars but nothing for revealing the tile you might not want your rivals to know that it’s un-landable.)

That link is to the v4n rulebook, which is the latest edition.

The other thing that’s tricky to PBF is outcome cards.

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In the before place we simply revealed each outcome publicly. I can create the decks in TTS and shuffle without ever knowing their contents. With surveying I would have to look at them to know, with outcomes it’s publicly knowable information. If your atlas blew up we all know it’s a major failure.

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I was thinking of the practicality of keeping multiple small card decks secret, but if you’re using TTS as a substrate that’ll make life easier.


@RossM asked for a die roll:
Oh and CNES :fr: d8: 4

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
BERG if it’s available (hint: it isn’t) or OKB-1.
d8: 6


@yashima asked for a die roll:
Can I be ISAS :jp: ?

What are we rolling for?
d8: 7

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Turn order.

@pillbox asked for a die roll:
NASA for me, please.

d8: 1

(I accidentally deleted Roger’s roll with clumsy fingers while peeking to remember the die roll syntax, it was a 6)

(I’ve reverted it.)

I will set up game and secret locations references tonight.


The year is nineteen fifty-six. Mankind stands at the dawn of a new age, the Space Age, when the flying bombs of yesteryear will become the rocket ships of the race for tomorrow. As the director of a national space program, your country is depending on you for success in this great contest.

The Peoples of Earth have decided that the solar system must be explored almost in it’s entirety. (Except Ceres)

The Age of exploration is almost upon us!


Initial Turn Order

@pillbox :us:
@rossm :fr:
@RogerBW :hammer: :pick:
@yashima :jp:

(I struggled to find a proper flag for Roger)

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I favour :hammer_and_wrench:.

Wow, this is a lot more human-focused than my last few games. 66 points for the win.

Roger's 1956 turn; please don't read unless you're RossM
No, really.

If anyone else goes for a Saturn before me, please hold for new instructions. Otherwise:

  • Research Saturn for ¤10
  • Buy a Saturn for ¤15

I am confused now… so far the way I’ve played I’ve been kind of under the impression that everything happens openly in this game? I was kind of hoping to see how you guys play to be able to grok the rules better…

Now I have questions:

  • are we taking all of our actions for every year at once? This is one thing I’ve never been quite clear on from the rulebook.
  • what kind of hidden information is there btw what should I be hiding, we’ve played everything out in the open?

I’ve only played this game with my partner and I guess we were both so excited by exploration that we may have glossed over the game parts of the game in favor of a bit of chaos :slight_smile:

You’re right @yashima.

Rogers submitted a turn in advance. (Probably because he has a preferred turn one tactic. It will also probably be conditional. Unless someone does this first… )

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In terms of hidden information… You can choose to survey or land at a location, but not reveal it publicly. So, If I was at lunar fly by and surveyed the moon I would not have to reveal that if I did not want to. However if you ON a location, you have to reveal it OR destroy your space craft.

See the Exploration section of the rule book on page 30 I think

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(Also note I too have a preferred 1956 move, but it’s fiddly, so I’m glad I’m shuffling the outcome cards.)

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NASA, 1956

Research: Juno ($10)
Research: Soyuz ($10)
Purchase: Juno x 5 ($5)

No launches or maneuvers performed.