Leaving Earth #2

That’s the way it looks. It doesn’t explicitly say that the “Co-Operate” action is removed from the game, but, Stations p. 22:

There is exactly one type of trade that may involve a non-trading agency:​ a non-trading agency may give money to a trading agency in exchange for a joint venture share. That is the only type of inter-agency trade that non-trading agencies may participate in.

(And a non-trading agency is any national agency that has no joint venture shares. If you do have a JV share, you can trade with anyone, not just fellow partners in that JV)

Incidentally I’ve updated my rulebook with the rocket tables and purchasable item list; link in the first post.

I propose we all pay 2 spacebucks next round and found a new joint venture we all have shares in :slight_smile:

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Looks as though that is the intent.

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I’m exactly replicating my last turn, see what succeeds etc.

(Reminder: Okey doke, let’s show y’all how it’s done. One Atlas, one Soyuz, two juno. Junos on the atlas and launch the atlas/ Juno and Soyuz (on its own). If both successful I’ll fire the HR guy and pay off the Atlas. Otherwise pay off both.)

Temping! But I’ll see if others agree before I commit.

Sounds good to me

Atlas 5
Soyuz 8
2 Juno 2
total 15 spent, 15 left.

Atlas + 2 Juno, firing Atlas to reach sub-orbital (d3). Atlas outcome is a minor failure Paying ¤5 to remove that. 2 Junos fall back to Earth.

Firing the Soyuz: major failure, hardware lost, paying ¤5 to remove.

So you have 5 money left, a damaged Atlas and 2 Junos. Advancements: Juno 2, Atlas 1, Re-Entry 3, Soyuz 1, Saturn 3. Any further actions this turn?

Might as fire up a Juno and hope we balls it up. Pay it off unless it’s a stupid success thing.

Apologies for the confusing Juno shenanigans. I was getting mixed up between Earth orbit as suborbital. Was planing to fire the Junos back down to test re-entry, oops. I’m slowly remembering how to play…

(Pretty sure you can’t test re-entry with a rocket, only cards with a re-entry symbol on them.)

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Correct, and then only with a Reentry-Test - i.e. Vostok, Apollo, or Shuttle.

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Juno is a Success, so I’ve shuffled that card back in. You still have one Juno left and ¤5.

Updated rules PDF. It now has an appendix with manoeuvre tables for standard rockets and ions, the full purchasable item list, and transfer windows (both when they’re available and which ones you can chain).

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Might as well fire off the last Juno. If it’s success then I’m basically counting that as that we’ve got it right and no need to worry about further testing. Pretty sure the maths agree with this perspective.


Juno fire is a success. You have ¤5 left and a damaged Atlas. I’ll end your turn here unless you desperately want to do something Right Now.

@lalunaverde to play next.

Might amuse:

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I’m summarising here but yes, you’re basically saying there’s nearly 100% chance (+-50%) that my Juno is already perfect. Good enough for me!


Double checking - money doesn’t get saved, it just resets every round?

Yes. Note that everyone can have multiple turns per year; you can come back in 1958 turn 2 and say “I want to spend that remaining money on another sheaf of Junos” or whatever.

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Office days today and tomorrow. I’ll try to make a move tomorrow night


mild pokey pokey @lalunaverde .