Leaving Earth #2

I think I talked about this before Christmas, but Christmas got complicated.

This is to be a full Leaving Earth game with both Outer Planets and Stations in play. It should probably not be your first game of Leaving Earth.

Rulebooks are here including my first draft of an integrated rule book. That’ll need expansion and correction.

I don’t expect this to move terribly fast.

Who’s in?

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it’s going to be a complicated one right? But how can i not . it’s such an adventure. I’m in

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Alright. Im in

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Two more spaces if people want them. Normally I’d offer to step aside if a fifth player wants to join, but in this case I’m not going to. :slight_smile:

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I’m game please.

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I’m tempted but I will pass, but I am commenting to keep track of the game now and then.

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sign me up!

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Silly question. But we’re playing with the revised station cards?

Right, we are five!

Any preferences for agencies? We have:

NASA (USA; blue)
ОКБ-1 (USSR: red)
ISAS (Japan; white)
SAC (China; yellow)
CNES (France; grey)

I am arbitrarily picking a Hard game.

Easy missions: Orbital Experiment 4, Mars Survey 5, Lunar Fly-By 3, Manned Lunar Fly-By 5.
Medium missions: Lunar Lander 6, Venus Survey 6. Venus Lander 11, Mercury Survey 7. Lunar Experiment 9.
Hard missions: Man on Mercury 30, Man on Ceres 21, Venus Sample Return 24
Occupation mission: Mars 2/year.
Extraterrestrial Life Survey 10 (and Sample, 40, is under that)
OP Non-Explorable: Uranus Survey 9, Saturn Survey 6, Callisto Survey 3, Jupiter Survey 5, Europa Survey 4. (Reminder: Callisto and Europa both orbit Jupiter.)

Some explorable missions are removed by the 24-point cap: manned Jupiter fly-by, Jupiter station, manned Saturn fly-by, Saturn station, Saturn Ring sample return, Titan sample return, Man on Titan. Technically none of the explorable missions is available until their locations are revealed.


Map and calendar:

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I’ll be Japan. Now that we cleared up where my name doesn’t come from.

French please. Super excited by the Mars Cycler

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yes yes, Mars! Mars needs landing. Terraforming. Settling :slight_smile: (oops wrong game)
edit: the image resolution seems to be such that I cannot decipher all the cards. But this may be my browser? Can we check this?
edit 2: with this huge map I expect we’ll play on this for a bout a year…


The raw images are 3200×1800, which tend to be too huge to post here. so I scale them down 50%. If I can’t make it work as is I can always do a section in multiple screenshots. Everyone will get a detailed image of their player area of course.

Note that there are two stages of image expansion - click on the image to make it full screen, click on “original image” to get the image at a resolution to match your screen.

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Yes, this TTS mod seems to have all the fixes applied. I’ll scan bits out of the physical game if needed.


Well I guess I’ll be Alan Sheparding some heroes into space with NASA then.

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Feeling a Buzz for this one. Hope Armstrong enough to pull it off.

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I’ll take the SAC

Edit: whoops. I need to read up


Right then. Soviets: get Korolyov some decent healthcare now.

Year 1956 begins

Nobody has any points, so turn order is random:


At this point in the game you may want to plan ahead and send your turn hidden in spoiler text, or not. Up to you.

@RossM is up to play first. You have ¤30.

Let me know anything you’d like laid out.

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Going over the mod it looks as though the reference cards are the pre-upgrade versions (but the Daedalus and Large Fuel Tank component cards are the correct v2s). Because virtual table space is going to be at a premium and reading a bitmap probably isn’t ideal anyway, I’ve run up the rocket and ion tables as a PDF, and added it to the rules page linked in the first post.

The first table is for expendable rockets: rocket across the top, difficulty down the side, payload in the middle.

The second table is for single ion thrusters, time across the top, difficulty down the side, payload in the middle.

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:fr: Turn :fr:

Because I am nothing if not a creature of habit.


Saturn Rocket tech
Juno Rocket tech
Rendezvous tech

End of turn

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