Leaving Earth #2

That’s all for the moment. We’ll see if I need to get John Glenn home in the Vostok or not.

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With ¤25: buy one Daedalus, 15 left.

Add to VKh: 2 large fuel tanks, 1 small fuel tank, 1 Daedalus, 1 Vostok. Konstantin Feoktistov is on board.

Burn 2 large fuel tanks to get mission VKh-3 into orbit.

With a sequence of rendezvous, swap parts with FAM to leave:

  • Vostok, 2 Probe (ОКБ-1)
  • Vostok, Probe and Juno (NASA, added to the existing cluster of 2 Juno + Atlas)
  • Shuttle (VKh-1, ОКБ-1)
  • Eagle, Glenn and Feoktistov, Daedalus, 2 small fuel tanks (For All Mankind, Orbital Launch Alliance JV)

Then it’s mission time:

  • manoeuvre Lunar_Fly-By sft

  • Starting mass 6, difficulty 1, need 6
  • Thrust Small Fuel Tank: 22
  • FAM arrives at Lunar Fly-By.
  • manoeuvre Earth_Orbit sft

  • Starting mass 4, difficulty 1, need 4
  • Thrust Small Fuel Tank: 22
  • FAM arrives at Earth Orbit.
  • merge VKh

  • Merge VKh into VKh-3
  • separate Eagle Daedalus

  • VKh-3 sheds Eagle, Daedalus to make A
  • manoeuvre Earth

  • Starting mass 4, difficulty 0, need 0
  • No thrust developed.
  • VKh-3 arrives at Earth.

John Glenn is returned to the USA by boringly conventional means.

Eagle rejoins NASA’s orbital depot (with 3 Juno, Probe, Vostok, Atlas)
Daedalus remains in orbit under ОКБ-1 control (with the 2 Vostoks).

So Orbital Launch Alliance has completed the Manned Lunar Fly-By (5 points). Nobody gets bonus cash. Its shares are now worth half a point each at end of game, so if we each hang on to our 5 we’ll get 2½ points each. Or those shares can be sold to the bank for ¤5 each.

Buy Landing advancement. ¤5 left.

Manoeuvre AB to Ceres, taking 2 years.

End of turn. @RossM next.

Ok. Didn’t know you got no points.

Use aerobreaking to reach Mars orbit with one probe. Pay off any outcome.

Aerobrake draw is a major failure. First probe is destroyed. Paid to remove failure; 1 card left.

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Survey Mars from Cycler. Aerobrake second probe pay any outcome.

Mars: explore until 3 features present. You get 5 points, everyone else gets ¤10.

Last aerobrake is also a major failure, but another ¤5 leaves the advancement empty. ¤20 remains.

Is there a CO2 atmosphere?

No. It may be in a feature; I don’t know the cards.

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2 probes

8 junos

Assemble rocket

2 Saturns
1 Soyez
3 probes
8 Junos

Launch rocket to Earth orbit with 2 stage Saturn.

Fire Soyez to propel the ship into Earth Cycler

Ship consists of 3 probes and 8 Juno’s and is named Obelix

End of turn. Enjoy your extra cash


That all looks valid. Done.

1963 round 2

  1. China - @lalunaverde

¤10, 2 Ions, 1 Eagle, 3 astronauts on Earth; Juno and Saturn 0, Soyuz and Atlas 2, Ion, Rendezvous and Landing 3.

  1. Japan - yashima

¤10, 8 Juno, 2 Saturn, 4 Food, Aldrin on Earth; 2 Juno in orbit; Saturn and Ion 0, Surveying 1, Juno 2, Rendezvous 2 but they’re both successes, Life Support, Atlas and Re-Entry 3.

  1. USA - Lordof1

¤15, 1 astronaut on Earth; Atlas, 3 Juno, Probe, Eagle and Vostok all in orbit; Atlas, Surveying and Soyuz 0; Saturn and Re-Entry 2; Rendezvous 2 but they’re both successes; Juno and Landing 3.

  1. USSR - RogerBW

¤15, 2 astronauts; Shuttle, Probe, Science Module on Earth; Daedalus, 2 Vostok in orbit; Space Shuttle, Surveying, Rendezvous, Re-Entry 0, Life Support and Ion Thrusters 2, Atlas and Landing 3.

  1. France - RossM

¤5; Juno on Earth; 2 damaged Juno in orbit; Soyuz, Aerobraking, Atlas, Surveying, Re-Entry, Saturn, Rendezvous, and Juno 0, Landing and Life Support 3.

Where did I get $5 from?

Start with 30
Soyuz = 8
2 Probes @2 = 4
8 Juno @1 = 8

so actually I think you have 10 left.

Nope. Paid off 2 major failures on Aerobraking

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Gotcha, zero cash it is.

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Buy a Soyuz and a Probe. That’s zero money left

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Logged. On to @yashima.

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I’m here. doing errands. i know I’m up for 10 money but we were out last night. get to it afternoon. wait. do i have life support? if not buy that and done ps typing on mobile bad

Yes, you do but it’s untested.

8 Juno, 2 Saturn, 4 Food, Aldrin on Earth
2 Juno in orbit;
Advancements: Saturn and Ion 0, Surveying 1, Juno 2, Rendezvous 2 but they’re both successes, Life Support, Atlas and Re-Entry 3.

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You know what I’ll do a Juno test:

  • Fire 1 Juno see what that gets me - buy it off

If I still have money do it again
if there is 5 left buy Atlas.

Fired Juno. Result is a Success. Bought off; two cards left on the advancement; no money left.

On to @Lordof1.

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