Last Game you sold! (Volume 2)

A couple of shockers today.

Let’s get the unexpected one out of the way: I passed along my copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse, after a very hot first impression. We’ll get to why after the next one, but note that I have immediately purchased the app.

Along with it, I let go of Kick-Ass which I enjoy quite a bit, but found difficult to table; This was one of my solo games, so that constituted a bit of a problem! I had been holding onto it partly for its scarcity, but mostly because I kept wanting to play it, and not. After one too many balks it was time to let it go.

This and Sentinels were currency toward Hand of Fate Ordeals from a friend who will be moving very soon. I’ve been gainfully unemployed for a while now, so my hobby has been funded largely through (sometimes) savvy trading and I couldn’t let this rarity get away.

Finally, I sold Fleet: The Dice Game along with Dicey Waters to a different friend. Man do I like this one, but it had been languishing since I got Super-Skill Pinball. They couldn’t be more dissimilar, but Super-Skill is far more in line with the experience I want from a Roll & Write. Here we have a victim of the realities of maintaining a ruthlessly lean collection. To wit:

  • I’ve just listed Space Cadets Away Missions (beloved, too much overlap), as well as
  • 303 Squadron, purchased mere days ago and sitting unplayed. Full setup revealed this was a mistake. I need a bigger table. I will not be getting that table.

I sent Too Many Bones away yesterday. When I was playing it, I felt like I was missing something; reading and posting about my experiences on BGG and reddit lead me to realize that I probably wasn’t; it just isn’t the game for me. I really wanted to like it, but the thought of getting it down off the shelf just made me wish it was a better game.

I’ve got some smaller games ready to leave as well, but I think I may hold a BGG auction once I have a good list of the ones getting culled, and hopefully move them along quickly and efficiently rather than waiting for the listing to get a bite.


Not quite sold yet but been offered £30 for Hansa Teutonica Big Box.

The fact I’m going hmmm, means I want to keep it right?


I was offered decent money around a year ago for the older version of Hansa Teutonica with all the expansions and had a similar twinge so didn’t sell. Now regretting it, not played since and not sure how fussed I am to play.

It gets so much praise in the right places that I feel a bit odd for not liking it much. Intellectually I know I shouldn’t but still…


Decided to keep it for now.

Need to play a few rounds again to nail teaching it. That’s what puts me off actually playing it

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Time to sell Blue Moon City.

I only got some 2-3 handed solos in but I just had to check the box and confirm.

It’s up against Istanbul for moving around a grid and collecting stuff and Ethnos for set collection constraining area control. Neither of those is likely to move any time soon so BMC really had to dazzle.

Spoiler: It didn’t.

Also the artwork really put me off. They managed to find just the right color to evoke jaundiced skin, and all the card characters are just distorted and macabre enough to trigger my uncanny valley. It looks like the old edition was overall nicer to look at.


I sold Long Shot The Dice Game today, after finally getting a chance to try it at 2P recently. It’s a wonderful little game, but there’s just no chance it’ll see higher player counts with me, so off it went. Happy to play it any time with a big group!


I sold it off recently because the downtime is terrible at high player count.

I would rather play Camel Cup instead. I havent tried Winner’s Circle yet


I still haven’t opened my copy - need to get it learnt

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I’m curious what caused the downtime. Even my partner—for whom AP was surely coined—was able to rip through turns. Seems like the horse die is pretty good about limiting how many players get special actions, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, the game just didn’t have the ease of play to make a big group game effortless, IMO. Still, I found the 2P game mostly simultaneous to the point where it’s surprising to hear that it doesn’t necessarily scale evenly.

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Turn order sensitive so we can’t play at the same time and there’s a lot of complexity faff that people look out for, but they doesn’t add that much depth.


Yeah, fair enough. I guess when the game is this light, any minor slowdown is potentially excruciating. I had wondered if maybe the different horse sets might make for a juicier game but, at least taken for their “sets” (rather than mixing and matching), I wasn’t seeing that much more to chew on.

[EDIT] I guess my main complaint relative to the kind of audience it wants: I’ve got more raucous offerings. And frankly I can teach Decrypto faster, which is no small feat.

Sold Brass: Lancashire, great game but can’t see me suggesting it over other games I own. After getting a decent offer for it I reflected that I was only keeping hold of it as it is about the region I live in.


It sounds like you’ve made a noble sacrifice in order to answer my earlier question : )


A bunch out to report on.

Got rid of:
Heul Doch Mau Mau
Last Train to Wensleydale
Tokyo Tsukiji Market
Bora Bora

With that trimming I’m now down to 104 games. Have a few in the sell pile so hopefully can shrink down to 100 soon.


Someone was looking for Martian Dice, so I asked what they’d pay and it was a ‘I’d rather have one money and zero game’ kind of offer.


Sold Winner’s Circle, Camel Up is more fun for me